If you want to become a journalist, you should clearly understand how to write a newspaper article. Such a document has many characteristic features that should be familiar to everyone who wants to build a career in journalism or any related field. A good newspaper article does not only inform people about the specific issue or event, but it also presents its multifaceted analysis. Indeed, there are various techniques that may help the writer create a good newspaper article. However, the inverted pyramid structure is used more frequently than others.

This approach assumes writing the most important information at first gradually moving to the information that is less important. When writing a newspaper article, the author should pay attention to not only the interesting content, but also to the structure, mechanics, and formatting of the document. No wonder, in order to enjoy when reading your article, your target audience should clearly understand what you are going to say.


How to Write a Newspaper Article? A Step-by-Step Guide

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Main Parts of the Newspaper Article

  • A title or a headline.

Your headline should be clear and catchy. We highly recommend you to study the headlines of other journalists in order to recognize what tips and tricks they use to attract the readers.

  • Byline

It is the name of the article`s author.

  • Lead

In academic writing, it is called a thesis statement. When it comes to writing newspaper articles, it is called a lead.

Basically, it is the main idea of the article that defines the author`s direction. By reading your lead, your reader will understand if they want to read the rest of the article.

  • The story

Once you have written a good lead, you need to write a story that will include the elements of research and analysis. Pay attention that your article should not include your personal opinion as it is an objective investigation. You should use active voice instead of a passive one. Many journalists prefer the inverted pyramid technique that requires writing the most important information at the very beginning. As it is proved by the researchers, the reader is maximally attentive in the first minutes of reading. So, the most significant portion of information should be provided right away.

  • Ending

Keep in mind that in your conclusion, you have one more chance to make a good impression on your reader. As such, you have to finalize your article with a call to action or a thought-provoking idea that will make your reader keep your article in mind for a long time.

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