Impressive Illustration Essay Writing: Give Examples and Excel!

An illustration essay is one of the types of writing in a specific rhetorical style with numerous examples that strengthen the main idea, the thesis, or the key arguments of the essay. The points of the author are supported with illustrations at the level of the paragraphs, but the approaches to this type of essays can be different in different courses.

The structure of an illustration paper is done with the use of various examples around a set goal. It is crucial to make sure that all the selected examples in the essay are strong and relevant.


Illustration Essay: How to Make It Look Brilliant

Now when you know the illustration definition, we can give a guideline of working on the essay of a corresponding type. You will write like a pro if you take simple steps to your success:

  • Select what you will write about

It means that your work on the essay should start with picking the topic. In some cases, professors assign the topic themselves, but mostly the students are free in their choice and they identify the areas of their personal interest and write an essay related to them. 

Still, it is important not only to make the topic interesting for the author. The essay will not be successful if its topic is boring for the essay audience. Moreover, if it is not connected with any aspect of the society life at its current stage, the topic may also be a failure. Thus, it is time to have a look at the topic you have decided on and make an impartial decision about its value.

  • Write an outline

After you have decided on a range of illustration essay topics and opted for one of them, you can proceed to crafting an outline to base your essay on. This foundation will be important for your further writing, so it demands utmost attention. 

First of all, you have to identify the paper structure and show it in the outline. If you have had no experience in working on illustration essays before, it will be a relief for you to get to know that the structure of this kind of essays is very much standard. An introductory part is followed with the body and summarized in the conclusion.

Crafting an effective outline, it is important to write down all the examples, opinions, ideas, and perspectives as the strongest of them will be used in the text of the essay. You cannot use all of your ideas, but it is essential to select only the most convincing ones.

  • Craft an essay

Having completed the stage of preparation, you will have a lot of information and ideas collected. It means that it is high time to start writing that will be done in three basic stages: 

  1. Introductory part

The paper illustration in the introduction is aimed at showing the reasons why a particular topic was chosen, why further research is required, and why it is beneficial for the readers.

First of all, the essay should contain the background details and the reasons why the raised problem is essential. The thesis statement is the last sentence of the first paragraph.

  1. Paragraphs of the body

It is crucial to make sure that the body paragraphs in the essay should reveal one main idea each with corresponding support of the thesis statement. It is common for an illustration essay to contain three paragraphs of the body, but the exact number of paragraphs depends on the number of ideas you would like to reveal. It is not a typical research, but it is not a personal essay either. You have to use a combination of your individual experience and facts from scientific literature to make the essay effective.

  1. Conclusion

Having conducted all the required investigations on the essay topic, you still have to make one more effort and conclude the text in a powerful manner. You cannot include any new information in the conclusion as your only task is to make a summary of the ideas already presented before. 


Best Topics for an Effective Illustration Essay

Do you mostly get the topics for your essays from your instructors or do they want you to demonstrate your creativity and find good topics on your own? If the second variant is yours, you need a source to draw some inspiration, and we have prepared a list of topics you can use, if you want to.

  1. Give a description of your favorite superhero from a comic book
  2. Describe how you can work on composing a perfect resume
  3. Describe how a decision related to your career choice is made
  4. Describe the impact of social media on personal relationships
  5. Explain how the students can earn for a living if their budget is limited
  6. Explain how a person can decide on the church to join
  7. Describe a typical day of a college student
  8. Explain the functions and impact of the Atkin’s diet on a human body
  9. Illustrate the common teaching methods at school and choose the one you consider to be the most efficient.
  10. Explain why stem cell research can be viewed as unethical.
  11. Illustrate why travelling is important and what role learning of various cultures plays.
  12. Describe some activity you are good at and how you manage to cope. 
  13. Describe a living or dead person who is a source of inspiration for you. 
  14. Explain why you believe life after death is impossible / possible.
  15. Explain why you believe that life on other planets is impossible / possible.
  16. Illustrate the impact of the beauty industry on the self-concept of the women.
  17. Explain the impact of human actions on the environment.
  18. Describe how to combine eating junk food and keeping to a healthy diet.
  19. Illustrate what aspects should be taken into consideration while composing a LinkedIn profile.
  20. Explain the reasons why it is necessary to ban cloning.
  21. Explain the reasons why challenging teachers in the classroom is positive both for the students and the teachers. 
  22. Illustrate the daily challenges of the children.
  23. Explain the role of positive personal branding.
  24. Illustrate the challenges in upbringing the parents face nowadays.
  25. Explain whether the system of public transport is effective in the area.


Learn some more illustration ideas if you still need some examples of the topics.

  1. Explain the reasons why smoking should be banned in public places.
  2. Describe how the car can be serviced. 
  3. Explain why you have chosen one of the vacation spots as your favorite.
  4. Explain how a hit song is produced.
  5. Illustrate the responsibilities of a job suitable only for men.
  6. Illustrate the responsibilities of a job suitable only for women.
  7. Explain how you can save money easily.
  8. Describe why a particular car brand is your favorite.
  9. Explain the impact of the movies on your life.
  10. Explain why a licensed firearm has its benefits.
  11. Illustrate why lowering the consent age can lead to a reduction in the teen pregnancy rate.
  12. Describe how the youth can learn about negative effects of smoking.
  13. Explain why your favorite advert is effective.
  14. Evaluate the impact of online shopping.
  15. Illustrate the role of education in success.
  16. Explain what you think about any of the issues in current affairs.
  17. Describe the main factors to be taken into account to purchase a perfect car. 
  18. Explain whether playing video games has its benefits.
  19. Illustrate the challenges faced by schoolteachers.
  20. Evaluate the efficiency of one of the self-defense methods.
  21. Explain the nature of tornado.
  22. Illustrate the strengths of your preferred social media platform
  23. Explain how you would choose a volunteer project to take part in.
  24. Illustrate the role of charities. 
  25. Explain why it is beneficial to go shopping instead of buying things online.

This list contains thought-provoking topics you can use when working on your essays. They will keep your audience intrigued and the creative process of writing will be interesting for you.

If you have read the guidelines but you still believe that it would be good to have an illustration example instead of theoretical explanations and ideas, you can contact our service when it is convenient for you and order an essay. It can be used as a reference dozens of times after you have bought it. We will compose an exclusive paper for you and you will see how to use it.


Professional Writing Team Gives the Final Tips

You will find the task of writing rewarding and exciting if you have gained an insight into the process, have seen nice examples, and have understood our recommendations. If you see that you will not be able to finalize your paper, you should not be afraid of a failure and other negative effects of your decision to resolve the problem with the paper, looking for some alternative option. 

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