Writing Tips on Methodology Chapter Writing

Identification of a Problem

Normally, the methodology chapter is written after the literature review section. It is done with a specific purpose. It helps the writer to remain focused on the main problem(s) discussed in the paper. Consequently, the section is aimed at defining the problems and explaining them.

Description of Approach

To make the methodology section professional, the writer has to provide a short overview of the approach he/she is going to take for analyzing primary researches. It will help guide your readers, as well as create a context to your approach. In addition, it is important to address such issues as rationale, sampling, etc., to show the readers that you understand the importance of using proper methods.

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Determine the Uniqueness of Methods Used

As a writer, you will have to determine whether the methods you have used had already been used in other projects. Without doubt, in the process of literature reviewing you will see that there were efforts to do it. However, it is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, using of already tested methods will add relevance to your own research.

Explain How Your Outcomes Can Be Reproduced

Reproduction of results plays an important role for creating a good methodology section. It can be explained by the fact that the ability to reproduce results indicates credibility of the methods used. Provide a detailed description of the techniques used during a test, so your opponents could replicate the methods.

Prove Reliability and Validity of Your Research and Discuss Related Issues

This part of methodology contains information on possible errors, accuracy, biases, as well as importance of using statistical data.

Explanation of Reasons for Using Specific Methods and Approaches

Considering the fact that there are too many methods available for your research, you should critically explain and justify your final choice. Provide information on benefits and disadvantages of each approach. Explain in details how the methods chosen contribute to your particular research.

Justification of Methods

Research methods implemented also require justification. It means that you have explain their relevance and importance for your work. Such reasoning is especially important, if you use new or non-standard methods. In order not to be accused in using doubtful methods, you will have defend your choice.

Provide Information on Sampling Methods

If you use sampling methods in your research, you will also have to pay attention to them. To prove their validity, you will have to explain all the sampling techniques and sizes. This step is very significant, as sample size can have a great influence on statistical importance of your research.

Discuss Generalizations

In the process of the methodology chapter writing, you will have to indicate the amount of data obtained using your chosen methods, which is considered general. It is important for your methodology section, as the general nature of data used can have a significant influence on the results of your research.

Provide Additional Materials in Appendices

In order to write a good methodology chapter, the writer has to remain focused on the key aspects. In case you have any additional information, make sure it does not interfere with main discussion. As a result, additional data should be included in appendices. Such materials can include questionnaires, surveys, etc.