How to Pass Online Test Successfully

Online testing is similar to traditional examination. However, it has some specific features, which have to be taken into consideration by students to succeed in studying.

The guide we offer will provide you all necessary information on how to pass the online tests. It will help you understand all the peculiarities of the given examination type and avoid common mistakes, which may have negative effect on your overall performance.

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Before Test

One of the most important things in preparation to the exams is managing your time properly. Do not start preparation a day prior to examination. Make sure you have enough time to revise course materials. Do not even think that you will be able to check some notes during the test. First, it is a difficult task considering your professor, who is controlling the process of exam passing. Second, it is a risky affair, which may cost you your reputation and even academic career. Third, spending time for checking the course materials during the test reduces the time remaining for the test itself.

Besides, trying to consult your notes during examination is considered cheating and may be severely punished by your professor. As a result, we recommend avoiding such practice not to be caught.

However, if you take an open book test, it will also be extremely useful to familiarize yourself with course materials beforehand. It will help you save time for looking for necessary information and spend more time for questions you are not sure about.

The other important tips is to find a quiet place for taking your exam. It is important because most of tests have time frames. Consequently, you will have to be concentrated and focused while answering questions to meet the deadline. One of the best places to take your test is at library. It is a quiet place and you can be sure that no one will interrupt you. If you take an exam at home, make sure all members of your family know about that so they could help you create favorable environment.

The other step is to check whether everything works properly. Check if everything is ok with your computer and Internet connection. Check if the link to the website works properly. Make sure you know the correct password and login to the website.

Lately, webcams are widely used during examinations to make sure that the students are not cheating. If you are required to use a webcam, make sure it functions properly beforehand. Check the connection and make sure you know what is allowed during a test and what is not. Remember that webcams can see the students during a test, so trying to cheat is not always the best idea.

Taking a test requires you to know not only the course materials but also be aware of some special parameters. Your syllabus may contain all necessary information about the exam, so make sure you double-check it before you start. Think if you can answer the following questions:

  • What is the time frame for the test?
  • Will it be possible to break the test and continue after some pause?
  • Will you have a possibility to skip a question and return to it later?

These issues are very important, and if you are not sure about them, you may get into trouble in the most inappropriate moment.

During the Test

Do not open other applications except for the test application itself. First, it may be considered as cheating, even if you are not trying to consult any other external sources. Second, it may slow down your computer and you will lose time.  

Make sure you know how much time is left. Make an approximate calculation of time you need for answering one question and stick to that amount.

Remember that cheating is bad. Just imagine that you are going to repair your teeth at a dentist who got his degree by cheating during a test. Would you like to be treated by a specialist of such kind? Would you like to deal with not qualified doctor? The aim of the test is not only to show your professor that you know something, but to check your own knowledge of a specific subject.

Following the general requirements will help you pass the test without problems. Do not forget that test results may influence your overall academic performance and reputation. Proper preparation is the best way to reach success!