30 Amazing Research Topics

There comes a time in the life of most students when they are given a research paper to write. Assignments like these often cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety for the student, and this can lead to feelings of inadequacy and confusion. More often, however, it can cause the student to procrastinate. These feelings usually occur because students are inexperienced and not familiar with this type of writing. Do not worry though because knowledge and experience can be acquired with plenty practice. Research paper writing is an integral part of academic life and students should not try to avoid it because of feelings of anxiety. In truth, writing research papers can be a hugely rewarding experience, even one of the best that students ever encounter. Furthermore, a lot of students will be expected to complete many research projects during their professional careers. It is for this reason, these assignments are so very important.

A research paper is exactly what you think about it – it is a piece of custom writing that is based on thorough and advanced research. A good research paper is something more than repeating the facts and ideas from an external source. A good paper writer will develop a research paper that answers the question in a clear and concise manner, based on facts. For example, if the topic of the research paper is death penalty, then you have to make a position and provide facts to support it. You don't necessarily need to be in favor or against of death penalty; for example, you might focus on exploring the history and future of the issue.

A lot of practice is needed to gain sufficient experience in research and writing for any discipline or field of study. The process does not come naturally to very many people. Do not forget that even the most accomplished scholars had to learn the art of writing research papers at some time in their lives. It is possible, therefore, to master the process provided you are willing to learn and make a few mistakes, are well-organized, patient, diligent, and prepared to practice.

Most higher education institutions make students write dozens of research papers. For most of them, it is a unique chance to improve their writing and research skills. Not surprisingly, most lecturers use research papers to assign the most important grades. As a result, if you fail to produce a quality paper simply because you are not a good writer, your GPA will suffer. If you think that developing a good research paper is not a problem, then you may find yourself to be wrong. However, if you know a good paper writing service whose writers are professional enough to provide you with outstanding research writing services, then you can feel free to do whatever you want and need. Here, we write dozens of outstanding research papers on an everyday basis, and we know how to produce a premium research work. Thus, you don't have to wait until it is too late to order a good research paper from us!

If you feel confused about research paper writing or don't know if you are a good paper writer, you will soon see that it is a great deal of work. A typical research paper is 5-20 pages long, and it demands a lot of time and effort, mostly due to the complicated research requirements. Whenever you deal with this kind of work, you will have to spend much time looking for relevant and reliable information, which is better to be accomplished by a distinguished custom writing professional.


How to Choose Cool Research Topics for Your Research Paper: Thirty (30) Great Topic Ideas

Although choosing a topic for a research paper might not appear such a difficult step, it can be a great challenge for a lot of students. It is a task that requires them to work out what subject matter is interesting and determining if they want to devote weeks to researching it.

If you are looking for a cool research topic, here are thirty (30) ideas to get you started in 2017:

  1. Gay couple adoption: The subject of whether same-sex couples should be permitted to adopt gives rise to quite a lot of debate.
  2. Abolishment of corporal punishment: What changes have occurred in schools since the abolishment of corporal punishment?
  3. Affirmative action laws: You could examine how the USA functions without these laws.
  4. Alcohol abuse: Discuss how modern workplaces are affected by alcoholism.
  5. Alternative medicines: As a way of avoiding prescription medicines, an increasing number of individuals are using alternative medicines.
  6. Bilingual teaching in schools: Discuss whether schools should offer bilingual education.
  7. Body piercings: Is this a passing trend or will it last?
  8. Cancer treatment and research: Has research found any alternative cancer treatments over and above traditional methods?
  9. Crimes of hatred: Should hate crimes be treated the same as attempted murder?
  10. Cruelty to animals: Should cruelty to animals be treated as felonies?
  11. Death penalty: Is the death penalty effective at deterring crime?
  12. Domestic violence: What impact does domestic violence in the home have on children?
  13. Drug use and addiction: What measures are employers taking, if any, to prevent people becoming addicted to drugs?
  14. Eating ailments and disorders: Can schools play a role in helping to prevent eating disorders?
  15. Effects of child abuse: What are the effects for abused children when they reach adulthood?
  16. Euthanasia: How widely is this used and where?
  17. Exams and tests in education: What effect is so much testing having on education?
  18. Excessive police force: Are police academies doing anything or enough to reduce and prevent brutality among its members?
  19. Healthier diets: How are fast food outlets being impacted with the growing trend towards healthier foods?
  20. Literacy education: How is the USA generally affected by illiteracy?
  21. Preparing for bioterrorism: Discuss bioterrorism and how well prepared citizens should be for such acts.
  22. Protection of endangered species: Is sufficient action being taken to help protect the planet’s endangered species and reduce the numbers of these?
  23. Salaries and wages: Do you think salary information should be made public?
  24. Sports therapies: Why do you think careers in sports medicine are so popular?
  25. Teaching the arts: Discuss whether schools should be obliged to provide arts classes.
  26. Teenage suicide: Why are the rates of suicide so high among teenagers and is anything being done to reduce or prevent this practice?
  27. The effectiveness of recycling: How well is recycling working?
  28. Vaping: Is this practice changing smoking habits and, if so, how?
  29. Violent acts against women: What is the impact for children who are raised in homes where women are the subjects of violence?
  30. Voting rights and elections: Are there any measures being taken to ensure all eligible voters get to exercise this right?

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