Tips for Writing a Results Chapter for a Dissertation

When writing a dissertation, the results chapter is an important part of such a project. To date, the professional writers at have helped countless doctoral-level students to write results chapters.  

As one of the most crucial parts of a dissertation project, the results chapter is that part where you must accurately analyse statistical information, thoroughly examine any assumptions, and clearly explain and report on your findings. Once your analysis is complete, your results need to be presented in a manner that clearly indicates your support for or against your hypothesis. To present results and define any findings in an effective manner, a writer needs good analytical skills. 

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The following are some of the areas can help with:

Management of Data

  • We can help you import data from an Excel spreadsheet to a predictive statistical analysis program such as Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) or we can use stat-transfer if your data is in a different format. Once it is imported to SPSS, data variables will need labelling and variable levels will need to be assigned. The cleaning up of data usually involves screening for normality, for outliers (the uni and multivariate variety), assessing linearity, and ensuring no values are missing.

Analysis (statistical information, etc.):

  • The analysis of data/information can take many different forms. The majority, or even all, results sections should include detailed statistics about all related variables (e.g. demographic data in terms of percentages, frequency, means, etc.) and a note about data reliability. Analysis should also focus on any hypotheses related to the research project e.g. it should address and report on any particular assumptions as well as examine and report on any results or output.
  • We can also help you write-up your results. These should be set out in a logical manner with descriptions first followed by what was found through analysing the hypotheses. The flow of this entire section should be smooth so that your readers are not left wondering why the analysis was undertaken. Figures and tables should be presented in the latest edition of the APA style. Essentially, it is important the dissertation committee finds it easy to read your results section.   

Making Your Results Understandable

  • Statistics should be explained: Every word in your results section should be capable of being defended. The team at is made up of teachers as well as methodology experts and statisticians. We will ensure you fully understand what work was undertaken, why it was done, and what the results imply.

The Presentation of Results

  • Figures and tables should be created in the APA style. A lot of graduate students find this difficult but these are particularly important when developing a results section. The format in the sixth edition of the APA style is slightly altered from the previous edition. At, we will ensure everything is done correctly. For instance, regression tables have been altered significantly and there is now more emphasis on the reporting of confidence intervals.        
  • Editing: Every part of a dissertation, including the results section, should be thoroughly edited. This is something can help you with both in terms of ensuring the APA style is correctly applied and checking the accuracy of punctuation, spelling, grammar and paragraph structure.
  • uses SPSS and a number of other statistical analysis programs (e.g., AMOS, LISREL, M-Plus, NVIVO, SAS, etc.) so you can be confident of the best possible assistance. 

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