Week 7

The manifestation of pressure ulcers impacts adversely on the persons’ quality of life and can contribute to amplified mortality. Pressure ulcers establishes because of exposure to protracted, unmitigated external mechanical powers. This tends to determine what are the most incremental resource result and costs linked with implementing various repositioning schedules compared with alternate rosters or standard practice? This research targets the adults affected with pressure ulcers through a simple random method. Bamford, DR, & Forrester, (1994) ascertains that, pressure ulcers may be prevented by regulating the persons who are most at a great risk and establishing effective prevention plans.

Bamford, DR, & Forrester, PL 2009, managing planned and emergent change within an operations management environment’, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 23(5): 546–564.

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Week 9

According to Hussey (2006), interpretive and critical research involves a systematic inquiry that describes, explains, predicts and controls observable phenomenon and involves the proper use various methodological approaches. They are qualitative and subjective than statistically focused positive techniques.  These methodologies are less extremely regarded by academic establishments and are relegated to the postgraduate footnotes.  Whenever research questions arise, the people involved in the research are always required to formulate different ways of resolving the questions that have arisen. On the other hand, empirical researchers use an empirical approach and these sections are set out in five sections explaining the chosen approach: research design, study area, sampling design, data collection methods, and data analysis. Empirical research refers to the way of gaining knowledge by the ways of indirect and direct experience or observation. In empirical evidence, the records of one’s direct experiences or observations can be examined qualitatively or quantitatively.

Hussey (2006), Research Methods for Managers. London: Paul Chapman.

Week 10A

According to (Osman 2009), Luhya community is based on the western province of Kenya. As all tribes have it, Luhya community also enjoys a culture. It is also stacked with various stereotypes that are just common to them one of them being thieves. They are also said to be illiterate and fear discoveries and development. I learnt that it comprises seventeen subgroups that share various culture aspects. The various subgroups share most of their culture but differ in some. For example, they tend to differ in their languages while communicating. However, some of the subgroups share the same language while some stands independently. The method of income differs in all the subgroups and this makes the big differences among them. Some of the subgroups adopted farming, fishing hunting, gathering, businesses, rearing of animals in zero grazing, pastoralism, while others adopted being employed to serve as helpers. On the other hand, they have a similar way burying their dead. The way of marriage is also similar in all groups, and they intermarry. They are also similar in using some of the similar tools. For instance, across the subgroup, they use bicycles as the means of transport.  They also use Panga as their main weapon. On the other hand, when it comes to clothing and their mode of clothing differs completely. All the subgroups have different ways of clothing. Some of them find it comfortable to have animal skins while others are modernized and have adopted western ways of dressing.

Osman, O., 2009. African Cultures. University of Nairobi

Week 10B

According to Van, (1990), the objective of a phenomenological perspective to a qualitative research accurately describes the people’s experiences of lived people. It does not generate models or a theory of phenomenon’s being studied.  Phenomenology is utilized to answer research questions such as: what are the lived experiences of adults who are integrating the repositioning for pressure ulcer into their live?

Van, M., 1990. Researching lived experiences: human being science for actions complex pedagogy. London: Althouses Press

Week 11

What is the extent to which the repositioning for pressure ulcer affects adults?

With respect to Michael Jones (2011), the qualitative paradigm research, although it is occasionally functional, is not widely detailed in agricultural and agribusiness economics literature review. The primary objectives research questions based on grounded theory or critical research are to offer insights into the qualitative research processes. Approaches delineating grounded theories are examples of a rigorous and systematic qualitative perspective and to deliberate the criteria for the scientific rigor valid to qualitative researchers. In addition, evaluating qualitative researchers are demonstrated by utilizing published examples.

Michael, J., (2011). Grounded Theory or Critical Research Methods. University of Wollongong

Week 12

Action research comprises a complex antiquity since it is not a lone academic discipline. However, a perspective to researchers has emerged over a period from a broad variety of fields. There exists strong action elements research in the John Dewey work, both in the philosophical work and the experiments, and studies in education. Perspectives of action research can be established in the initial labor-organizing societies both in Europe and US, in the movement of Catholic Action and liberation theology.

Action research is used to solve immediate problems or even a reflective procedure of progressive predicaments. Solving is driven by persons working with the rest as part or in teams of a society of practice. Their aim is to upgrade the way they solve matters and solve predicaments. It is sometimes called the participatory action research.

As its term suggests, action research may be regarded to have two main results: action and research.  Therefore, it requires two collections of processes, one to accomplish apiece of the results in relations to the differences between process and the content, which are both occurrences of the process.

Action research is described as the soft choice by some. Therefore, the researcher requires describing the parameters of research at the beginning. Gaining planning and insights action forms two of the chief objectives of being involved in the action research. Also, there is the ethical considerations issue that is of great importance within the action research. It is also time consuming and complex to conduct.

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