The presentation about childhood policy was had an appropriate strategy for the goals, the audience, and the context as I defined them. The main goal of this presentation was to persuade the audience to support appropriate diet and exercise to children and teens to avoid obesity that is increasing annually. The presentation managed to persuade the audience to get involved in the project. The structure of the presentation was direct. The direct structure was the most appropriate and the easiest to follow for the audience. Unfortunately, I forgot to provide evidence to the main points concerning the childhood policy. I did not put in-text citations and a reference list for further reading. Referencing the work would have made it more convincing than it appeared. The presentation had transitions that made it move smoothly.

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The introduction was brief but satisfying. It explained the topic and provided a preview of the structure. Additionally, the conclusion highlighted the points discussed suggested the next possible step. In the delivery of the presentation, I maintained an audible voice from the beginning. I also utilized pace and pitch variation to maintain interest. I involved the audience through asking questions and allowing them to give opinions on the topic. This sounded enthusiastic and interest in the audience’s needs. I used gestures when appropriate and avoided excess and misleading gestures and facial expressions. I utilized the stage moving from one place to another to ensure the audience can see me. However, I moved slowly and carefully to avoid distracting the audience. I maintained eye contact with the audience throughout the presentation so that I could read the audience’s gestures and eye expressions. I managed to finish the presentation within the allocated time and achieved the goals set. I included pictures in the slides to enhance understanding. The pictures and charts were appropriately designed with bullet points in a list and grammatically parallel. They did not block the audience from viewing the writings on the slides. In conclusion, the presentation effectively answered the question.

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