Short Scary Story

It started about a week ago. The dismaying thumping and grazing that kept Bill, Hector, and Ryan wide awake night after night came on inaudibly, more faintly at first, but progressively built into the dissonance of uproar that now beleaguered them persistently. The three young college men shared a newly rented apartment. They were not the kind of people who spooked easily, nor were they prone to rise of imagination. They declined to be put out by only some disruptive noises or bangs in the night.

The apartment was part of a huge estate which was once a psychological establishment on the border of the town. It had creepy looking twisted iron trimmings, storm cover ups and the binding lightning bar that pulled on the conventional ghostly house.  In their mind, it was perfectly situated in quiet, countryside surroundings, shut from the hustle and bustle and inconveniences of the town.

On one particular night, out of the angle of his eye, Hector saw a silhouette go past the living room. He tracked the silhouette around the corner into the other room. On entering one of the other rooms, he saw what looked like the ghost of an old man sitting there in an ornamentally upholstered fireside chair, burning a pipe and shimmering on something strange. Bill had previously complained that during the night, there was a melody playing in the other room as well as a stench of tobacco, but none of his other two room roommates took him seriously. So to Hector all these was a confirmation that, Bill knew what he was saying. He called Ryan to come see the mysterious occurrences. Little did they know that they were unwanted visitors in the apartment. No one had forewarned them about the disappearance of the previous occupiers of the apartment. It was too late for them to be saved since anyone who lived there became consumed by un-imaginary fire caused by the old man. Only bodies were found burnt, but the rest of the things in the apartment were always intact.

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