In this guide, you will find the latest recommendations for writing a great dissertation or thesis chapter. If you find this advice to be difficult to follow, you are always welcome to ask for help. Otherwise, feel free to follow the template below to improve your academic scores in thesis and dissertation writing.

Your dissertation or thesis structure should include the following:

  • Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Dedication
  • Abstract

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Table of Contents

In your table of contents, make sure to include the following:

  • All sections and subsections of your thesis
  • All appendices
  • All charts, tables and illustrations presented in the body of your work

Thesis or Dissertation Introduction

  • Here you introduce the topic to your reader
  • You mention the sponsors of your project or organizations that have supported you in your project
  • You include a problem statement
  • You specify the goals and objectives of your work
  • You outline the structure of your work

Review of Literature

  • You introduce the problem
  • You summarize and critique previous findings related to your problem
  • You identify gaps in literature and suggest how your research can close them

Do not be too wordy. Your task is to be brief but persuasive. You must present the results of your literature analysis. You must analyze earlier findings and suggest how you can improve them in your study.

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  • Present your perspective on the problem and the study
  • Specify the approach you will use
  • Outline your strategy and methodology
  • Share the details of the data collection process
  • Share the details of the data analysis process
  • Specify any limitations or barriers you faced while completing your study
  • Don’t forget to analyze the validity, reliability, and generalizability of your findings
  • Consider ethical controversies surrounding your project
  • Be critical about the limitations inherent in your study, its method and design.

While working on your methods section, you must provide enough evidence to prove that the selected method fits in the goals and context of your study. Why did you choose this method? What would happen if you chose a different one? Then switch over to other sections of your project:

Findings (Results)

  • If you are doing a quantitative study, then you will need to share figures and tables, while supporting them with explanations.
  • If you are doing a qualitative study, then you will need to share the most common themes and categories that you have identified in the body of qualitative responses.
  • Discussion
    • Justify the importance of the topic
    • Revisit the key findings of your literature review
    • Justify the methods chosen
    • Describe and justify the relevance of your sampling and data collection methods
    • Discuss and analyze the relevance of your findings
    • Consider the implications of your study for research and practice
    • Summarize your findings as a solution to the problem you have identified in the introduction for your thesis or dissertation.
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations
    • References List or Bibliography
    • List of Appendices

You cannot write a perfect dissertation if you do not have advanced academic writing skills. You must be ready to tell a story, and your readers must be ready to review and analyze it. No matter what subject or problem you choose to study, you must be confident that your argument flows logically from one chapter to another. You must be convincing in your judgments. You must provide enough evidence to support your claims. Just try to do it, and you will never regret your decision!

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