What Makes a Good Movie Essay?

Writing a favorite movie essay is not as easy as it may seem. In many cases, this task may appear too challenging for students who have no time or appropriate writing skills. By assigning such an essay, your professor wants to see not only your opinion about the film but also your critical thinking skills and analytical capacity. To handle this task well, it is not enough just to rate the movie based on your perception. Instead, you should present an in-depth analysis of the particular motion picture focusing on its main strengths and weaknesses and supporting your claims with solid evidence. Those students who are unsure of what makes a good movie essay may consider ordering writing assistance from some reliable writing companies. Having advanced experience, professional writers are capable of creating top-notch film reviews.

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What can a film review assignment tell your professor about you? Starting from the film choice to the detailed description of your impression of the movie, this paper will demonstrate your analytical capacity, as well as your intellectual level. Thus, you should not underrate the importance of this project. By following our tips, you can make the writing process truly enjoyable. So, let us have a look at the peculiarities of writing an essay about movie and how our writers create their masterpieces.

Movie Essay Outline

Proper structure is particularly important in writing any academic paper and a film essay is not an exception. By following the traditional structure, one will develop their ideas and arguments logically, avoiding repetitive statements. Here is an example of an outline widely used by skilled writers:

  1. Introduction. In the opening paragraph, it is necessary to provide the reader with the basic information about the film, including its title, director, the date of release, a film company, filmmakers, etc. Also, if it was you, who has chosen the film for analysis, you will need to explain your choice.
  2. Summary. After introducing the movie, it is necessary to briefly summarize the plot, name the main characters, and tell a few words about their interaction.
  3. Analysis. Once the summary is ready, one should start analyzing the movie. Since this part is the most detailed, it should include the following subsections:
    • Examination of the plot units: starting point, main actions, and climax;
    • Analysis of creative elements: characters, dialogues, camera techniques, mood, costumes, etc.;
    • Analysis of the topic implementation: relevance of the subject, understanding of the topic by its target audience, comparison of the movie with similar works.
    • Opinion. In the next section of the essay, it is necessary to provide a personal opinion supported with appropriate evidence from the film.
  1. Conclusion. In the final part of the paper, it is necessary to inform the reader whether the director was successful in broadcasting their messages. Also, it is appropriate to finalize the essay with a call to action. For example, one may recommend/not recommend this film for viewing.

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How to Write About a Movie in an Essay?

The writers working at our service have compiled a step-by-step guide demonstrating their professional approach to work.

Watch the film

This may seem obvious, but many students fail to complete this stage properly. If you think that reading a couple of reviews will be enough for writing your academic paper, you are mistaken. To add a personal touch to your essay, you need to watch the film thoroughly and formulate your opinion about it. This step will help you choose the direction for writing your paper and write an in-depth analysis. If you fail to watch the film before writing your paper, your essay will be too shallow.

Plan your work

Once you have watched the movie, it is necessary to look through the prompt shared by your professor. What exactly is it asking you to do? What themes do you need to explore in your paper? You should understand that your task is not to summarize the film but to provide its analysis focusing on the points that are worth paying attention to. Those students, who skip the planning stage usually spend more time writing their essays. Without a plan, one may end up summarizing the film, which will not bring them the desired outcome. When jotting down a plan for your future essay, you will need to pay attention to the following aspects:

    • Key elements of the plot. Tell about the main plot twists and how do they help the director convey their messages;
    • Editing style. Focus on the most interesting editing techniques bringing the attention of the target audience to the specific topics;
    • Stylistic elements. Discuss the style elements that make this film unique. How do these elements affect the reader?
    • Scenario. Familiarize your reader with the scenes that stand out from others. Was it done by the director on purpose? Explain your answer by providing the appropriate examples from the film;
    • Musical elements. Analyze the music that is used in the movie. In what way does it allow the director to strengthen their messages?

Write an introductory paragraph

Now, when you have a good plan for your essay, you should start working on it. The first paragraph of your essay aims to introduce the film to your audience. Also, an introduction should include a hook that would spark the interest of your reader. Besides, you need to include appropriate background information that will help your reader understand what themes you are going to address in your essay. If you are not sure how your introduction should look like, you need to look for some samples of movie essays available in online databases. As it was already mentioned, you can also find a reliable writing company and buy your essay online.

Summarize the film

To understand the analysis of the film better, the reader should know its plot. Thus, after the introductory paragraph, you will need to summarize the film without diving into too much detail. Please, note that your readers may be unaware of the film you are analyzing; thus, you need to inform them about the main events happening in the movie.


After summarizing the film, you will need to analyze it. When analyzing the film in detail, you should pay special attention to the main themes of the film, supporting your statements with good examples from different scenes. In this part of your essay, you will demonstrate your analytical skills, which will help your tutor evaluate your essay.

Write a conclusion

In the final part of your essay, it is necessary to wrap up all the points provided in the previous paragraphs. Remember that a concluding paragraph is your opportunity to make a good impression on your reader. Thus, you should not end your essay in a rush.

Example Papers

Now, when you know many handy tips on writing an essay about movie, you need to have a look at some movie essay examples, as they will enable you to boost your writing talent. By studying the samples written by other people, you will understand how your essay should be written, structured, and formatted.

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What Makes a Good Movie Essay? Mistakes to Avoid

Have a look at some common mistakes students make and try to avoid them in your written work:

  • Retelling the film’s plot in detail. By doing it, you will turn your paper into a summary, which will not bring you a good grade;
  • Lack of evidence. By failing to support your claims with appropriate evidence, you will compromise your essay’s quality. To convince your reader that you know what you are talking about, you need to support your words with good examples;
  • Poor structure. To make your essay easy to read, you will need to follow the traditional structure established in academic writing. By jumping from one thought to another, you will confuse your reader;
  • Subjectivity. When analyzing a movie in essay, you need to be maximally objective and unprejudiced;
  • Bad conclusion. Very often, students spend much time and effort writing the main body of the paper, forgetting the fact that a conclusion makes a lasting impression on the reader. Thus, if you want to receive a good grade for your paper, your conclusion should be strong and attention-grabbing.

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