Tips on How to Write a Thesis Quickly

One of the most important tasks in any student’s life is writing a thesis

A considerable amount of hard work, dedication and subject knowledge is required for a project like this. In fact, a lot of research students find writing a thesis very difficult. Either, they get writer’s block or find they have run out of time once the research work is complete because research projects such as PhDs are subject to time limits. The following are some good tips for anyone who needs to write a thesis quickly: 

Decide on a start time

When you embark on a research project, it is important to set a time for completing the research part and another time to begin writing your thesis. Decide on a start date and a completion date for the time you will spend writing. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to complete everything by the due date, but all essential elements must be ready by the submission date.

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Decide on a completion time

It is also important to set an end date for completing a thesis. In the event this cannot be achieved, it is important for every student to have a good excuse because delays should only occur where the reasons are unavoidable and genuine. In any case, it is important that writers are strict with themselves and they should endeavour to have their thesis written by the final date.   

Establish strict deadline for completing every chapter

Another essential task is to know what to include in each chapter. It is crucial to set deadlines for completing individual chapters. If a student starts getting relaxed about deadlines, this can cause unnecessary delays in completing their thesis. It is usually possible to discuss timeframes with a tutor or course supervisor and that person is likely to help you set sensible timelines. This also means they know when to expect each chapter.   

Set daily targets

Having easy-to-reach daily targets is a great way of getting a writing project underway. It means that the researcher must do a certain amount of work every day to ensure they do not stall. For example, a goal of 500 words per day is easy to achieve and it is sufficient as long as the student adheres to their target. It can help to have a display board on front of you showing the number of words you complete each day. A visual display showing continual progress is a good way of motivating oneself to achieve a bit more.

Make sure your work environment is comfortable

Establishing a comfortable work environment that is free of distraction is crucial. The best option is to work at home if you can. If possible, it also helps to disconnect the computer you are working on from the Internet. Incoming email and various chat sites have the potential to distract. In order to write a good thesis, one needs to be fully focused on the task. Make sure your computer monitor is adjusted to eye level so that you do not strain your back and/or neck since it is essential to be able to work without physical discomfort.    

Studying for a PhD is possibly one of the most difficult programs a student can embark on. Indeed, only the most dedicated, hard-working and ambitious students should attempt it. A long and important document like a thesis should be as free of error as possible. Undoubtedly, a student needs to put a lot of effort into writing a good thesis if he or she is to win the respect of their peers.