Conclusion plays an important role in every dissertation, as it summarizes the key points of the paper. Moreover, it gives a writer an opportunity to provide logical and rational view on the given matter. The other importance of this chapter is that it provides the results of your work, your findings and further recommendations. Skipping this part of your dissertation is not a good option. If you do not provide conclusion, your readers may find such work incomplete. In addition, you will make an impression of a researcher who does not seem to work thoroughly enough to analyze the materials properly. Your dissertation writing skills will be questioned, as well.

Considering that conclusion is one of the three most essential parts of dissertation (in addition to discussion and recommendations sections), it should clearly indicate that you understand the materials and know how to analyze and interpret them based on the literature used and hypothesis. In your conclusion, you have to put an emphasis on the results of your work and its hypothesis and justify them accurately. The important elements of conclusion also include recommendations and information on limitations in connection to all the points from your thesis statement. Do not forget that all the information you provide should be supported by reliable evidences. The other important things to mention in conclusion are limitations and biases you faced during your research. You can write about the ways in which your research was designed, the difficulties you faced in the process of information collection, mention about the validity of questionnaires you used, as well as about the sample size, etc.  

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Useful Tips

  • Remember that your conclusion should not be too long. Still, make sure it answers all necessary questions and logically structured. It should be relevant and comprehensive and outline your viewpoint properly.
  • Conclusion writing entails summarizing the process of your research work. The next step is to provide information on limitations and strengths, as well as to include recommendations regarding the solution of the problem under discussion.
  • The conclusion should be based on the information from the main body and the introductory part of a dissertation. To write a good conclusion, the writer should make it precise and clear for understanding. Avoid giving too much information in conclusion. 
  • Make sure you address all the questions that arose during the research stage of your work. It will make your conclusion more valid and accurate.
  • Remember that the aim of conclusion is no to restate previously written data. It is a section where you are encouraged to provide personal opinions, thoughts and give recommendations. Such approach shows your ability to think critically and logically. As a result, the current section should be paid an utmost attention. You will have to be extremely precise in a way you express your thoughts.
  • Conclusion can also be used as a section to provide analysis of data used in the research. As a result, you may be required to provide all your results and findings in quantitative or qualitative manner.
  • Avoid adding any new information into the conclusion section. The focus should be placed on the materials covered in the main body of the dissertation.

In order to make your paper complete and show that you are able to think critically and evaluate the outcomes of the research in a logical and precise manner, you should pay special attention to the conclusion section of your dissertation. It will make your paper unique and interesting for the audience.

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