Professional Example of a Dissertation Hypothesis

It is important to understand what hypothesis is

Hypothesis can be defined as a question the writer intends to answer in the process of dissertation writing. Consequently, it has to be clear and compelling. Good hypothesis should contain the following elements:

  • Good hypothesis should contain testable claims and assertions. As a writer, you should be able to test your own hypothesis in the writing process by making logical and reasonable conclusions, as well as by presenting your findings to the audience.
  • Hypothesis is not a question! Remember that it should be provided in a form of a statement. Moreover, considering that you will not be able to answer it at once, it should outline your position, which will be supported in the process of dissertation writing.
  • Avoid writing too long hypothesis. It is recommended not to make it longer than one sentence, which will clearly outline your position regarding a certain question. In addition, it is easier for the readers to understand short hypothesis.
  • It should be linked to the already existing researches. It is important, as it creates a context and shows how the paper can add value to already existing studies.   
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There are many hypothesis examples, especially on the Internet. However, not all of them are the good ones. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to find a good example, if you look in a proper place. Why is it important? If you are not good at hypothesis writing or if it is the first time, you have to complete an assignment like this, an example can serve you as a basis for your future work. Here is where you can find good hypothesis examples:

  • College Library

Information presented in libraries and educational establishments is professionally chosen and sorted. Their task is to abide to academic standards, which makes the information they offer to students reliable. Provision of low quality materials to students can harm their reputation. For this reason, data obtained in such libraries can serve a good example of hypothesis writing.

  • Consult Your Tutor

Asking a tutor or a supervisor for help is very often a good idea. The deal is that they are normally well aware of the problems the students may face in the process of writing and may have useful tips to share. Moreover, most of them have been dealing with a great deal of information and source materials and can give you a piece of advice where to look for the answers to your questions. The other advantage of asking a tutor for help is that he/she is obliged to do this, as it is a part of their work. Consequently, they will be glad to help you by giving recommendations or by directing you what to do and where to look for useful materials. 

  • Communicate with Fellow Students

There is no doubt that some of the student you interact with may have useful information. Very often, asking them for help may have positive outcomes. They can tell you where to look for the materials you need or provide you with copies of some of them.

Remember that the quality of your hypothesis depends on how strong it is. It must be written in a manner to make the readers interested in the rest of the paper. As a result, it has to be logical, short and precise.

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