How to Write Introduction Chapter of Dissertation

The importance of introductory part of a dissertation is that it is the first dissertation chapter the readers have a look at. Consequently, the aim of this chapter is to grab the readers’ attention. Writers should pay special attention to this part of dissertation. Sometimes, it is even recommended to write this part after the whole dissertation is completed to make it more focused. It serves as a sort of a reminder that makes a writer stick to the main topic. Moreover, this part is very important in the process of dissertation submission, as the dissertation panel pays special attention to it. As a result, it has to be written properly to get your approval. One of the best way to get introduction done right is by asking a question, which will be added to the context. It will encourage you to concentrate on putting, as well as answering your research questions. One of the most important questions to be answered is your reason to undertake the research, as well as what outcomes you expect to obtain. If you find it easy to answer these questions, you are on a right path.

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Important Issues to Consider While Introduction Writing

In order to write a good introduction chapter, the writer should start preparation for it prior to writing. It means that the writer is expected to answer a set of questions, which will be useful for successful task completion. If you can answer these specific questions, they will become a foundation for your further work. The importance of these questions is also in that they will make you look for the correct answers, which can make your research deeper and better. The question you will have to answer differ depending on the subject of your dissertation.

The introductory part can start from answering a question why it is important to undertake the study and what problems made you do it. Moreover, it is crucial to answer the question relating the outcomes and findings you expect to obtain. Further, the aim of a writer is to clearly outline the problems and explain why they should be answered. The importance of the study and solutions should also be paid particular attention to. This information will make your paper relevant and worth attention. The next step is a development of a hypothesis, which will express your opinion on the topic under discussion. However, make sure that you do not repeat or use the ideas and thought of other people. Your dissertation should be based on your personal opinion.  

The other important question to answer is how important your study will be for the audience and the society in general. To answer this question, you have to be able to explain how it solves a particular societal problem. It is clear that your research may not be unique in its nature. It means that scientists made a contribution to explaining almost all existing phenomenon and it is difficult to be innovative under such conditions. However, your task is not to restate something but to add value to already existing studies. Explain methods you use for reaching your aim and solving a particular problem. Do not make your dissertation as if it contrasts and compares something. It is not what is expected from you. The dissertation is about providing some relevant issues connected to the investigated topic. After the methodology is explained, you should also write about possible limitations of your research, which can influence the quality of your work. They can be both predicted and real depending on your knowledge of the topic.

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