The current customer service standards at Air Asia aim at ensuring that customers receive quality services from the entire staff of the organization. The standards of customer service at the company ensure that customers pay low costs. In every route that Air Asia operates, it can be deemed to be the airline, which charges low costs to their passengers. The airline ensures that it provides excellent services to the customers. As such, Air Asia has managed to record an increase in the number of customers served. The customer service strategy at Air Asia ensures that there is safety. In this regard, the company aims at making operations safe in order to ensure that customers are secured and protected from nay dangers, which may occur. In order to ensure a strong relationship with their customers, Air Asia complies with the international aviation standards set by international aviation agencies (Payne & Frow, 2013).

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There is also a focus on teamwork in order to ensure that the organization maintains the quality of services provided to the customers. The employees serve customers with a lot of keenness so as to avoid any mistakes, which may emanate from poor quality of services. The employees receive rewards in order to make them feel motivated and enable them provide excellent services to the customers. In order to enhance competitive success, the employees at Air Asia are committed to providing excellent services to the customers. Service commitment has helped Air Asia gain dominance in the Airline industry, especially in the routes where it operates. Customers receive individual attention and care from the employees, and this encourages them to use the services of Air Asia. Customers’ enquiries at Air Asia also receive a lot of attention and the company resolves them on time. The other customer service strategy that Air Asia utilizes includes appropriate dressing for its employees (Temporal, 2012).

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