Some of the moral issues raised by the Pinto case are; the success of any project relies on the determination of the initiator. This issue was evident in the handling case of the Pinto car. All the prototypes of the Pinto car failed to pass the 20-mph test, but the initiators did not give up until finally they were able to achieve their desired goal. Another moral issue that can be learnt from the Pinto case is that people should not take a backseat to any form of competition. The threats from abroad were met head-on by the Ford Company.

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Principles to be invoked by the Ford officials Moral

Principles to be invoked the cost benefit principles. This is because the Company through its monetary analysis realized that the car was very expensive to produce. The other principle to be invoked was the design principle of the car since the initial design staged a lot of serious fire hazard.

Ford consideration to the each affected party

The Company did not give consideration to the affected party. They claimed that the models they were producing each year were able to surpass the government standards. This was evident when the Company rejected requests to call the pickups and to repair them.

Cost-benefit analysis

The cost- benefit analysis is a legitimate tool. This is because from this analysis one is able to determine the viability of a proposed project before venturing into that project.The cost-benefit analysis should provide a roadmap for the moral deliberation of a proposed project judging the project from its viability. The cost-benefit analysis in this case is the fatality analysis. The cost of the safety improvement outweighed their benefits and the fatality report suggested improvements. The Company failed to implement the fatality report. If the report could be implemented, then Pinto car could be road friendly.

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