One of the main topics in the show is “Putting New Money to Work” and the guest speaker is Richard Bernstein and Alison Deans. The guests mention that markets tend to reach new heights every week. They also question what will transpire when the Fed pulls back on the money, which they refer as easy money. In the show, the two guest speakers give a prediction of the next move by the Fed and also recommend that mid-sized companies can be regarded as the best companies where individuals can invest their money (Bartiromo, par. 1). The other key topic in the show is “Making Green by Going Green” and the guest speaker is Mark Tercek, the CEO and President of The Nature Conservancy. He asserts that the government and business may be hurt when businesses ignore environmental issues (Bartiromo, par. 2). In my own opinion, it is crucial to ensure environmental issues get addressed.

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The topic in the other video is “Jennifer Aniston is Living Proof” and the guest speaker is this celebrity. Jennifer was formerly an actress and producer who later became an investor. Other guest speakers in the show include Jill Beraud who is the CEO of Living Proof Inc. and Dr. Robert S. Langer, an MIT professor and Co-Founder of Living Proof Inc. The video entails an analysis of Living Proof, a company that provides solutions, which can help deal with bad hair. The video captures the success of the new venture and how Jennifer has risen to become a business mogul (Bartiromo, par. 3). In my understanding, this video represents success in the business world, and possibilities to achieve it, especially when one has the determination to be successful. The video depicts the need to diversify and venture in other fields since there are some unique areas, which prove to be successful when explored.

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