Pocatello Prison siting story exposes the interference of politics with a well-aimed policy, and demonstrates what power and influence can do to the good-intended projects turning them into arenas of politics and fame The story with Pocatello correctional facility mimics the society where political aspiration and impact determine the activities and not necessarily health considerations of the affected individuals during the implementation of any given project. A good example is the establishment of penal institutions in Pocatello where the pro-prison as well as elected leaders engage in the political art of compromise in order to prevent the loss of their scheme to opposition. The paper analyzes the use of politics in a situation where positivity and rationality were supposed to be the decision-making models with regard to the establishment of the detention center in Pocatello.

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The non-rational policy model used in achieving the resolution on the Pocatello penitentiary relies on the influence of political figures without caring whether rules and regulations are violated in the process. The type of model explains how pro-prison and elected leaders acted being aware of the risks and uncertain outcomes due to negative impact that deterred them from optimal decision-making. Since the non-rational model is descriptive rather than prescriptive, the leaders compromised the project due to political influence. The initial rejection of Pocatello was due to its hazardous nature. The threat is in the fact that the city is safeguarded by the Environmental Protection Agency; therefore, the area only met the minimal air quality requirements or none at all.

The first gesture by Idaho State to remove Pocatello from the list of potential sites for construction of the penal institution had good intentions and focused on the approach to the problem that considered logical arguments concerning the health standards of the Philbin Road site due to the air quality norms of the region. A more concise and safe choice for the prison setup was Boise. The latter was appropriate and relying on rational decision-making, it was more suitable for the choice of a detention center due to the high number of the correctional facility workforce that is available in the area. The rational model of reaching resolutions implies that individuals or groups of people should obtain complete information as well as objectively access alternatives to make optimal choices. The establishment of Boise penitentiary led to economic advancement in the region, something that the Pocatello pro-growth interest groups were not excited about. However, the rationality of the approach was restricted since those who participated in decision-making process were only limited to the information they had about Boise and Pocatello and the amount of time they were allocated to reach the settlement.

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The establishment of the political IOU between Pocatello and Governor Cecil Andrus leads to the favor grant of maintaining Pocatello as a potential site for the prison foundation. The Governor sides with Pocatello activists since he considers this an opportunity to get more votes for his re-election as a Governor.

The most likely root and cause for the establishment of Pocatello correctional institution involve the political ambitions of state official representatives. The civil servants believed that by supporting the construction of Pocatello penitentiary despite endangering human lives they would obtain more votes for the period of election. Mayor Dirk Kempthorne, an aspirant of the Senatorial seat in the United States, claims that an opportunity he sees may varnish if he does not support the building of the Pocatello prison. At the same time, Governor Cecil Andrus is driven by political ambitions, as he is bound to political debts that he owes to the residents of Pocatello. When the obligations are cashed, he has no choice but to use political influence in order to declare Pocatello a potential site for construction of the confinement institution. However, this time he is not proposing but advocating construction in that place.

The available viable solutions include the removal of politicians from the decision-making process in order to ensure that the final commitment is rational and does not face any leaning towards one side of the political domain. The establishment of the Pocatello prison would be affected not by moral or integrity influence but political ambitions and strive to achieve diplomatic milestones by ensuring that one is remembered for fighting for the jail project. Therefore, eradication of political judgment would facilitate more informed decision-making without any element of biases or even political sidelines that could cloud the possible best alternatives.

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The risks of using the above-suggested approach of discarding political influence would involve both positive and negative effects. The former would result in unbiased decision-making, which would mean that choices would be based on facts and reality. The final resolution would also be grounded on consideration of all factors rather than one political angle. Moreover, such a line of actions may induce better economic growth of Boise leaving Pocatello to stagnate in the economy. The latter issue would lead to high costs of living for the residents of Pocatello.

The negative effects of giving priorities to non-political individuals would mean that the personalities who contributed to the construction would not be recognized or mentioned in history. Additionally, the removal of political influence would presuppose that the project would encounter several hitches that would appear as a result of policies and laws, which are best known to the public servants. Thus, this is against the will of pro-prison groups and the government representatives who are primarily interested in political as well as personal gain.

The recommendations would include upholding Boise as the most suitable location for building the penal institution since it is located in the favorable climatic environment, which would eradicate the fear of environmental risks that Pocatello has. Boise, on the other hand, has sufficient workforce to run the detention center, as there are plenty of correctional facility workers in the region. However, some measure need to be implemented to boost the economy of Pocatello, and this should not necessarily be the construction of a prison but rather introduction of the activity that leads to the generation of revenue that will improve the financial state of Pocatello in general.

Rational decision-making is a key in any political process with regard to building a penitentiary in Boise or in Pocatello. The reasonable procedure ensures that proper commitments are made, which not based on any influences but on the underlying arguments and facts only. Although rationality may be limited to the information available about Boise and Pocatello and the amount of time to reach the consensus, sensible decision-making assists in reducing corruption and promoting the values of ethical choices in any given situation.

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