The services which are offered by Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in London are based on the study of the market and the cultural integration of the clients served at the hotel. The wedding event that forms the current report was planned over a period of four months. This allowed the hotel management to put in place all the special requests that were made by the client. The duration also allowed the hotel management to consider finer details of the event including the objectives and the goal. Budgeting was done based on the payment from the client. The security and health safety services were provided by the hotel. The hotel was also in charge of the suppliers, debriefing, and risk assessment prior to the event. The practice of wedding management at the hotel conforms to the theoretical and literature underpinnings reported in the literature reviewed for the purposed of this report. It is recommended that Jumeirah Carlton Hotel consider specializing in a niche area of event management to help it focus and perfect one area rather than have a wide portfolio of services, which can affect the quality of service to clients.

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This report is based on the wedding event that was held recently at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel. The report asses the application of theory and principles outlined in literature in the management of the event. Specifically, the report will address issues of client objectives, initial planning to budgeting, and sustainability of the management practices in corporate events.

Client objectives in the wedding were based on the needs of the clients. Clients usually gave the goal in mind but not the objectives. In theory, the event planning manager must understand the goal of the client in order to come up with the objectives. Objectives in a corporate event help the management to have definite, specific, and measurable steps through which the goal will be attained. In terms of the corporate events, Jumeirah Carltone Tower has a reputation of being one of the best destinations for conferences, weddings, and other events in London. The hotel has modern equipment and facilities which clients can find exciting. This has contributed to the hotel being a five star stopover for people who want to have different kinds of events in London. In theory, organizations that want to brand themselves as having the best facilities for corporate events must understand the trend in the industry and develop a mission statement that clearly put them on top of competitors.

The planning and execution of the event was done in line with the advice from the client. The initial planning involved understanding the nature of the clients who were attending the event. The number of the people who were going to attend was considered as an aspect of preparation. The hotel management was responsible for providing complete package in terms of planning, execution strategy, organization, creative design, and on-site event management. In literature, event management involves a couple of activities which are done behind closed door to facilitate the event. The client only places the order to have the event held in a certain site and the management executes the planning of the event. The budget available is an important factor to consider when planning because it impacts later services that the organization can provide.

The invitation of guests was left to the client as the event was an only-invited for friends of the bride and the bridegroom. The timing of the event was also decided by the client. The event organizers only ensured that the venue is ready when the visitors start coming in. The guest’ arrival was reserved on the part of the client who had the responsibility of ensuring that guest arrive on time. Renowned event organizers usually operate in a 24 hour basis. However, events are slotted within a certain time to ensure that guests do not occupy the venue long after the event is over. The wedding was planned to last for five hours and the client paid for the time allocated.

The hotel provided different rooms for various clients. The room capacity is depended on the kind of experience that the clients want to have with the guests. At the hotel, there are rooms that can hold up to 350 guests for a cocktail reception and 160 guests for dinner. There are also rooms for personalized services where the client may want to have only a limited number of guests like family members before the actual event. Such rooms can hold up to 20 guests. In actual practice, room capacity is an important factor that contributes to the selection of a site when planning for an event. Large windows that can allow in enough light from outside as well as good lighting are elements which should be considered when planning for an event. Theoretically, room capacity and lighting influences the selection of the room to carry out an event. However, because some venues might be popular than the others, which then means the client is charged a premium price, it is not unusual for clients to select a room with poor lighting but large capacity to accommodate large numbers of guests.

Jumeirah Carlton Hotel offers a variety of cuisines that cuts across different cultures and tastes. The menu and the subsequent services were requested by the client based on the characteristics of the guests invited. The hotel also maintains a list of menu items including beverages which are available to guests. Guests were not allowed to carry any beverages into the hotel as everything requested for was provided. This was captured in the initial planning of the wedding event where the client presented a list of the foods and beverages to be used in the wedding. Most event organizers maintain a list of food items and beverages that they can offer to the clients. However, in a specialized event such as a wedding, it is important to know what the client would like to have and ascertain that the ordered items are availed on the day of the event. Subsequently, the hotel management must know the items to be offered in order to make an order for them from the suppliers.

The hotel has experienced staffs that are trained to handle customers in a courteous way. The staffs are trained to offer a variety of services designed to surpass the expectations of the client. Guests are also allowed to access luxurious facilities including Jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym and spa with various treatments on provided. Staffs also have the capacity to offer extra services to the clients including make-up to the bride and pampering before the actual event. Event management organizations usually maintain specialized staffs that are capable to offer unique services depending on the needs of the client. The services offered are included in strategic planning of the event and their costs captured in the budget.

The hotel also has an elaborate plan for safety and health issues. The foods and beverages are handled by trained chefs and the security is provided by professional guards who have experience in handling an emergency situation. The hotel provides ambulance services to take care of any emergency issue during the event. The security and safety of the clients are services provided by event organizers. The staffs are debriefed on an upcoming event and asked to put in place the relevant contingencies for the event. Guests are also debriefed about their rights and obligations while at the event before the actual event begins. This ensures that everyone is informed about their rights and what to do in case of any eventuality as well as report cases that contravenes the terms of the contract.

Most customers are willing to write a note after the event to the management on the quality of the services they received at the hotel. In most cases, the received comments are turned into customer experience at the hotel. The customer rating and opinions are used to improve on the subsequent services which are offered by the hotel. In theory, event organizers usually develop surveys which are given to customers or put online for rating the event experience at the hotel.

The clients are also involved in evaluating the risk and safety measures which the organization has in place. The responses are used as a form of experience rating and risk assessment procedures as well as conform to the standard practice in the industry. As a hotel that caters for clients from across the world, Jumeirah Carlton Tower provides an encompassing risk assessment process that seeks to ensure that all potential risks areas are addressed before the event takes place.

The hotel also maintains a list of items ordered by the client, the clients’ obligations, the objectives, and the goals of the event among other items. It also maintains a check list of the suppliers who are given tenders to supply the items required for event. The surplus items are transferred to the closing stock of the event where the client is asked to decide what to do with the items.

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all ordered items are covered within the available budget keeping in mind that it is business. The hotel also ensures that the services it offers are sustainable to keep the hotel running throughout the year. Technically, the events are organized on a profit basis to ensure that staffs are paid and the hotel is able to meet the costs of providing water, electricity, security, as well as pay salaries and taxes as required by law.


As a five star hotel, the event management services at Jumeirah Carlton Hotel confirms to the theoretical underpinnings in the literature. The practice conforms to the theoretical and literature information. The practice at the hotel is supported by the professional services that the hotel offers to the clients. The hotel maintains a wide portfolio of services that it offers to clients. It is recommended that the hotel should narrow down to a few areas such as weddings, conferences, or product launch and perfect the services in such events to become more competitive among customers.

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