The two websites that I preferred most are and The main reason for favoring the above websites is the fact that they provide ample information in relation to Cleary Square, Hyde Park. Based on this websites, I got the information concerning the history of Cleary Square, and the census of the area. Additionally, these websites have given me information on anthropology, ethnocentric, economics, culture and religion in the area.

In the last few weeks I have been observing Boston and Cleary Sq, Hyde Park in particular. In the course of the research it was noted that besides scrutinizing how the square is progressing at the moment, it is vital to also analyze its history. Cleary Square, Hyde Park is situated at the south end part of Boston. History shows that Hyde Park is the last town that merged with Boston since it was amalgamated in 1912. Whether researching as an individual or as a group, it is fundamental to appreciate the fact that the square is perfect at evoking the sense of a small town. Cleary Square is located at the intersection of Hyde Park Avenue, Fairmount Avenue and the River Street. The area is filled with different kinds of commercial structures, historic theaters, civic buildings, places of worship, and famous residence of the 19th century. Over the years, it can be observed that the main streets of Hyde Park have accomplished numerous striking storefront developments.

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The history of Cleary Sq, Hyde Park can hardly be mentioned without the mention of Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI), which is mainly concerned with the history part of the area and its progress. The work of HBI was acknowledged in the year 2011 in a big way. It was granted the Vertullo Building which was under the Carmela Vertullo Pearce. The 1865 building is located at 74 -84 Fairmount Avenue and had an expansion around 1895. The plan of HBI is thus to rehabilitate the site on its exterior laying emphasis on its five main storefronts. Additionally, the interior parts and building systems requires an upgrade. State and federal historic tax credits are expected to support the project on the upgrade of Vertullo Building.

The 1915 Broadway-style Theater is also a historic site in Hyde Park. It is associated with the Everett Square Theater and had a sign that was reproduced to reciprocate the historic photos of the original. It was aimed to fully rehabilitate the theater in relation with the culture and ethnicity of the people living in the area. Moreover, the project also facilitated the renovation of the unique box office region which was opened after a long time for the first time for public view. The box office area is also a candidate for serving as a space for all events in the neighborhood.

It is essential to preserve history since there are numerous opportunities that are realized particularly with historic developments. Rehabilitation and preservation joined with an extensive research shows the well arranged presentations that are used to compare the photos and maps of the past with the present conditions. The slideshows shows the gradual change of the surrounding from as early as 1930s and 1940s which marks the periods in which the era in which the square developed densely. The Hyde Park Branch Library and the Hyde Park Historical Society are the main custodians of the history of the area and thus are responsible for giving HBI the go ahead on scanning historical photos of Hyde Park.

The anthropology of the surrounding Cleary Square, from the research I have conducted shows that the culture of the people in the neighborhood cannot be assumed. Cultural anthropology is attained through observing the livelihood of the people living around. While conducting my field work I observed that the ancient ornaments are offered for sale especially around the Christmas period. Furthermore, the art of bronze by Gregg Lefevre can be described as a symbol describing the sense of belonging in the culture. This piece of art is among the Hyde Park plaques type and was presented in the year 2000.

It is justifiable to mention that there is an aura of ethnicity and ethnocentrism in the society. The people can judge other cultures to be inferior in one way or the other. The volunteering nature of the neighborhood is adequate for the success of the community. The main streets Hyde Park is an organization ran by a group of volunteers who cater for every aspect of managing the association. The organization is dependent on the city residents who give out not only their resources but also their time since their avail themselves at times of need.

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Globalization has brought a great impact on the civilization of Cleary Square. Regardless of the gender, the residents of Hyde Park jointly participate in developmental activities such as lighting of the surrounding and erection of banners in the square. Events such as the tree lighting are graced with several activities such as song and dances particularly if the weather is conducive enough to encourage massive turnouts.

In the process the economic condition of Hyde Park is also affected. In my research I discovered that the Park Main Street was lucky enough to be awarded $5,000. The funds were channeled towards setting up banners in the squares. Moreover, the Park was able to brand itself by use of the awarded finances. The upgrading of the economic stature of the area is also effective in drawing a line between the different classes of the people in the neighborhood. Another measure of the economy is the income and the calculated median of household income distribution was $53,254 in 2011. The actual median rent paid in Cleary Square in 2011 was $901. The gender is relatively balanced but the males are slightly more than females. Family households in percentage are estimated to be 46.4% in Cleary Park.

I interviewed some personalities in the process of understanding religion in the area. I discovered that one of the long serving worship centers is the Parish of Christ Church. It has been serving the people for more than one hundred and fifty years since it started operating in 1860. The church is located at 1220 River Street in Hyde Park and serves the Anglican community in the area. The services are conducted in either English or Espanola languages. Father John Kaoma is the main preacher in this church and conveys a message thanking all visitors as he invites every person to serve as witnesses of Christ. The other church in the area is the New England Baptist Primary Association. The worship center is for Christians who adhere to the Baptist’s worship beliefs and proceedings.

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The census I obtained during my research showed that the area covered by the neighborhood is approximately 0.994 square miles. It has a population of about 6,594 and thus adding up to a population of about 6,636 in every square mile. There are different races that inhabit the region that is mostly occupied by the whites. The Blacks are the second, followed by the Hispanic, Asian and other minority races. The greater percentage of students in the Hyde Park High School is the whites, while the rest of the population is the blacks. Majority of the white students are residents of Hyde Park while the rest of the population comes from Dorchester and Roxbury neighborhoods.

The research also helped me in identifying how the convenient places are located and how close they are to each other. The Hyde Park High School is one of the convenient places in the region. The school is an old structure that has stood for many years with no major changes on its physical structure. It has only undergone few developments and curriculum changes to match the new civilization and globalization. The other crucial place is the National Bank of Boston. The school and bank are strategically placed in Cleary Park to facilitate them serving the neighborhood. They are slightly close to each other and thus improving their convenience in participating for the development of the community. They teamed up together with the sole purpose of improving the quality of education to facilitate better lives for the residents.

It is thus fundamental to conclude by highlighting the main findings of the research and observations made in the study. The research aimed at identifying the history and development of Cleary square, ethnocentric and anthropology concepts used in its research, civilization, economic, culture and the religion in the area. The history of the place runs back to the 19th century and has been preserved through generations. The culture of the community has impacted greatly in the lives of the residents including playing a big role towards their economic development. Despite the fact that the inhabitants come from different races, they have worked together in unity all through the years to improve their region. The area thus deserves recognition not only for is culture or its evident anthropology but also for the steps it has taken all through while uniting its populace.

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