The Middle East has always been viewed as a cradle of traditions and culture of those people who live there. The new breakthroughs in the technologies have not been always accepted highly. As a result, people dwelling there started using the new advantages a bit later than those ones in the West. The UAE is one of the Middle East countries, but unlike its neighbors, it develops fast and learns how to unite new advantages with old traditions.

E-market is one of the most leading ways of trading today. It has almost displaced the original trading and offers more benefits for its users and providers. According to the MasterCard survey on online shopping, the number of online purchases has increased for 13 percent since 2009 till 2010. However, the statistics which is based solely on the credit cards is not accurate. Despite the fact that a credit card is one of the most popular methods of payment for online shopping, it covers only 39 percent of all purchases being made in the Internet. Beside credit cards, there are also other methods of payment, such as debit cards, cash on delivery, PayPal, prepaid cards, wire transfers, and others. Hence, if one completes the statistics only according to the credit cards’ survey, he/she loses some information about 60 percent of clients who do e-shop purchases, but use other methods of payment. Thus, the result of the entire survey is more than not accurate because they provide the figures which are too understated.

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According to this fact, if one wants to receive the full picture about the popularity of e-shopping in the UAE, he/she should provide a research. It will include the statistics received from different payment systems. Moreover, one should also take into consideration that different age groups are more or less participated in this process. Thus, the methods of their payment are also different. Thus, the objective of this work is to gather information about all aspects of e-shopping in the UAE in order to introduce the entire picture of online purchases in this country.

Literature Review

For this research, the one requires a lot of statistical data in order to complete it according to the proposed approach. According to this fact, it is necessary to select the credible sources which will satisfy this demand. Among the introduced data for this research one can outline the most significant ones. They will introduce the biggest interest and contribution for this work.

In order to provide the issue about online shopping in the UAE the researcher may use the article “Online Shopping Surges in the UAE, Survey Shows” written by Karen Leigh. In this study, the author states that online shopping is thriving in the United Arab Emirates. In order to support this statement, the researcher uses statistics. It says that people started using the Internet more often in order to make some purchases.

In the book Research Methods for Business Students written by Mark Saunders; Philip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill, the authors focus mainly on business starting issues. However, they also mention and reveal the particular problems of the UAE online shopping, provide some statistics, and explain the position of online shopping in the market. The book also illustrates the tendencies that have led to the fast development of e-business in the UAE during the last years.
However, the more statistic data can be found in the book Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge written by Gabriela Taylor. Here, the author provides an example of changing the growth of e-shopping in the UAE. For instance, she states that only 29% of people made purchases online in 2009. However, in 2010, this number was 42%. As one can see, every year the number of online shoppers rises. The statistics was provided by the Master Card after the survey that it conducted.

In “The Report: Dubai 2013” provided by Oxford Business Group one can find some statistics regarding the age of online customers. According to these data, women represent the biggest number of online shoppers in the UAE. Nevertheless, there still are people who do not feel protected when buying things online. To be more precise, there are 45% of such consumers according to the Master Card survey. 

Due to the article “Geant Says UAE’s First Online Grocery Store Launched” written by Andy Sambidge one gets to know about the influence of other countries on the UAE’s progressive development of e-shopping. In this study, it goes about the French trade chain that is called Géant. It has launched the first online hypermarket in the United Arab Emirates. As it is said in the article, this hypermarket gives customers an opportunity to buy electronics and grocery online. The survey reveals the intention of the company to expand and develop online shopping in the UAE within the next five years. According to the article, online shopping will be soon in a great demand in the country under analysis.

Finally, the book The Internet in the Middle East written by Deborah L. Wheeler may be used as the generalization of ideas about the online shopping in the UAE. It depicts the influence of the Internet on the development of the United Arab Emirates, including online shopping. The author of the book has revealed the expectations of the society for such new technologies and opportunities in the country.

The introduced works help to provide a new approach for the analysis of the targeted issue. In this study, one can find the statistical data about the purchases being made by online buyers in the UAE. Thus, this approach predetermines the extending of methods that were used in the previous works by reflecting other aspects. As a result, it unites them in one research to achieve the ultimate observation of this topic.

Proposed Work, Methodology & Timeline

The first step of this research should be dedicated to the observation of the current state of the UAE market. One should provide an analysis of the market in the country during the last years and outline the shifts that occurred in e-businesses. In order to support the progressiveness of e-market in the UAE comparing with the previous years, one should introduce the statistic data. There he/she will demonstrate an increase in online purchases and online buyers.
The next step of this research will be the analysis of consumers who do online purchases. One should identify the main social groups which are the most frequent clients of e-market in the UAE. This survey should be divided into several subcategories. First, it is necessary to differentiate users according to their age; in other words, what age group makes more buying. Second, one should estimate the gender of e-market users; who prevails, i.e. males or females. Finally, one should compare the difference in the statistics between social groups and identify which group is the leading one. For instance, the survey has showed that in the UAE more than half of online purchases are made by males at the age of 25-29.

The second step of this research is to compare the present state of e-market. One should identify the changes that occurred during the last years and come to the conclusion whether e-market is more popular today in the UAE or not. The statistic data should be used in order to support the shifts in the country’s market and identify the current state of online shopping today comparing with the previous years.

The third step of the study will be dedicated to the usability of online shopping in the UAE. This part should include the people’s opinion why they prefer online purchases today. Also, one should discuss on the main advantages of online shopping for them and how they see the future of online purchases in their country. This information will help to estimate a reason, why online shopping becomes more popular in the country and what attitude prevails among people.

The forth step is connected with the previous aspect, but it makes a deeper analysis of the benefits which online purchases give to people. Thus, it is necessary to estimate whether online buying is cheaper or more expensive. If online purchases are expensive, the question is why people buy online is being still actual. 

The last step includes the observation of items which are the most purchased ones via the Internet. One should divide all purchases according to categories and estimate the leading ones. After that, he/she should make the conclusion why exactly these categories are more purchasable, and the others have a lower rate. Finally, it is also necessary to include some information about the ways of payment. One should identify the most widespread methods of payment and which of them are the most preferable ones to the particular category of buyers.

According to this fact, the offered research plan helps to observe the issue of online shopping in the UAE from different perspectives. In this study, one observes this issue taking into consideration various aspects, such as gender, age, purchases’ range, and other criteria. The previous researches have been based primarily on one of these aspects. Thus, they have been not fully completed because they did not take into consideration other data. Hence, this research provides the information about the issue observed from different angles. The study gives a more detailed analysis of the reasons why the online shopping increases in the UAE today.

Summary of Contributions & References

This work should provide the detailed observation of the online shopping in the UAE. The results should demonstrate its real state in this country, which will based on several different aspects. The previous researches have showed that data that were used for their statistic were not full. In fact, they make statistics taking into consideration only one or few aspects. This research has a goal to evaluate the online shopping from different perspectives. Finally, the received results should demonstrate that the current state of online shopping in the UAE has been underestimated. The number of online buyers is much bigger and progressive than it has been believed before. As one can see, this study is supposed to be more specific on the issue. Therefore, there all the necessary data and information on the topic have been collected. The specific contributions of the research are obvious. The paper reveals the issue of online shopping in the UAE from different perspectives and supports the statements with the relevant statistics.

Among the books and online resources that have been used for the research, the most specific ones to the problem field that is addressed in the study are “Online Shopping Surges in the UAE, Survey Shows,” “Geant Says UAE’s First Online Grocery Store Launched,” Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge, Research Methods for Business Students, and The Internet in the Middle East.

The information that will be used for the research has contributed a lot in the process of the study. The introduced articles, books, and data statistics help to make the survey more statistical and credible. The research will not be based solely on few aspects; it will analyze this issue in general and take into consideration its every aspect. Basing on these articles, one has an opportunity to examine the problem and contribute to the previous researches finding some new sides of the topic.

Moreover, one may use the existing online shops in order to estimate the current state of the online shopping in the UAE. Among the country’s online shopping sites, one can find such ones as Alshop, Souq, Crazydeals, Kingsouq, and Bestbuyuae. The above mentioned sites provide customers with an opportunity to buy such items as electronics, perfumes, various fashion stuff, jewelry, watches, toys, grocery, and even flowers. Analyzing them, one can see that grocery, electronics, and perfumes are available at any of them. Meanwhile toys, flowers, watches, and jewelry are available only on some sites.

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