Immigration if one of the highly debated questions in the US because this country has been incorporating diverse nations and ethnicities since its origin. The reason for debate is that some people consider that it is enough for the US nation to host immigrants because they negatively affect the country. In contrast, their opponents argue that immigration is a fact that made the contemporary state a reality, which is why it should be encouraged. This paper offers an insight into these opinions analyzing the arguments of both sides and bringing a weighted opinion. It suggests that immigration is a beneficial factor for the American society because of cultural diversity and positive economic impact. Consequently, a rationally controlled process of immigration benefits the native communities, which parts with their misbeliefs towards this issue.

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The Problem of Immigration

The problem of immigration deserves a thorough attention in the US because its study benefits the social policies imposed by the authorities of the states making the life of immigrants and the natives better. However, it is clear that the opinion of the society split because of a polarized relationship towards immigrants. Thus, one group of experts backs up those, who claim that immigration undermines democratic values and beliefs negatively affecting the lives of the native citizens. Among them, is David Stoll, who argues that contemporary uneducated, poor, and detached from a moral community of American society individuals endanger its democratic benefits. The basis for this concern is that as the number of immigrants increases, they obtain power of influencing the social, cultural and other standards established by the native citizens. In addition, the expert fears that the bases of American identity such as “nationalism, shared origins and mutual obligation among citizens” would be abolished by the concepts of transnationalism and globalism. Partially, this claim is true because the American society established its order and traditions going through the civil war, abolishment of slavery and other historical events, which formed a nation. Moreover, the fears of the Americans towards immigration are mainly connected with pessimism associated with the economic future that, as they believe, is negatively affected by immigrants. Consequently, the opponents of immigration are mostly guided by cultural and economic fears, which, in fact, may not be true.

The supporters of the view that immigration benefits America believe that the best evidence in their support is the history of the nation. Indeed, the so-called modern natives are the descendants of the immigrants from various parts of the world. In addition to historical claims, they appeal to statistics, which demonstrates that less-skilled immigrants are also useful for the society because they take a wide array of unskilled and low-paid jobs. As the natives are mostly reluctant to these jobs, they remain vacant unless taken by immigrants. Consequently, Gold states that “both historical and contemporary reports of American society’s demise as a consequence of the arrival of impoverished and culturally dissimilar immigrants have been greatly exaggerated.” As it turns out, each immigrant fills a particular social niche benefitting the native community disregarding his or her origin, ethnicity, values and beliefs. Moreover, modern scholars appeal to statistics in economy and state that “there is more robust evidence that net migration and change in percent foreign born have positive effects on welfare attitudes”. Therefore, the statistical analysis performed by the modern scholars reveals that the fears about the negative social influence of immigration are exaggerated. In particular, this claim is especially relevant to the economic progress of the American society.


Summarizing the presented information, the paper comes to a conclusion that immigration is a factor that positively affects the society. The analysis of cultural issues related to immigration demonstrates that the negative attitude of the natives towards immigration is mostly caused by fear. Thus, the fear of abolishment of the traditional way of life and social and economic benefits guides the native population in its efforts of restraining immigrants. However, it turns out that the actual economic impact on the nation produced by immigrants is positive, which demonstrates that the opponents of immigration have numerous misconceptions characterizing the issue. Therefore, immigration benefits the natives because of filling specific social niches that allow immigrants acting for the benefit of their newly obtained society. Thus the opponents of immigration should reconsider their evidence seeking truth in statistics and refuse from the support of misconceptions and irrelevant traditional views.

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