The usage of cell phones by motorists while driving should not only be a real concern to them but to the people that make various policies on the subject. There has been evidence that has shown that using the cell phone whether hands-free or hand-held, poses a risk to the person driving and his passengers and to other people on the road. The introduction of smartphones in the market has made it easy for many people to stay connected through various means. These phones, however, have brought safety risks if the person driving checks for phone calls, text messages, emails, or other new applications. In America, the National Safety Council has reported over the years that distraction by cell phones while driving has led to over one million crashes every year. In every four cars involved in an accident, one car crashes due to texting by the driver while on the wheel. Every day in the United States, eleven teenagers die on the road due to texting while driving. As the behavior of cell phone use while driving become a national problem, the risk of getting into a car accident with distracted motorists increases each day. Introduction of new technology that prevents the use of cell phones while driving should be considered by the government in collaboration with cell phone companies. This paper bases its argument on that proposal, aiming to present a solution to the government.

In the U.S, handheld cellular phones were originally introduced in the mobile market in the early 1980’s and had gone to experience immense growth over the years. In all the major industries in the country, cellular phone production and subscription has developed to be ranked among the top growing industries as evidenced by the annual sales report of many companies. Back then cellular phones were a luxury product that was only enjoyed by the affluent minority people and the small people who needed to communicate in their business. It is now a commonplace for every American citizen whether rich or poor.

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Cellular phone industry has evolved and introduced hands-free cell phones that are being used by people who are always on the move which also includes motorists. This technology has enabled one to access data on his mobile phone through voice input applications in the modern smartphones. One can receive a call; send text messages and even emails without looking on the phone. Research has gone to show that the use of the cellular phones whether handheld or hands-free has increased the risks of accidents on the road, damage of property, severe injuries to the people involved and even fatalities. Even without taking one’s eyes off the road, the ability of the mind to focus on different things at the same time is different in various people is risky especially when gambling with the lives of the passengers in the motor vehicle. The people that make policies on cellular phones and the road have considered with research over the years whether to extremely regulate or even ban cellular phone usage while driving on the road. Some of these bans have already been enacted by some foreign countries with regard handheld cellular phones by drivers. Several states in the United States have put restrictions on this behavior, but the effect has been minimal, and some seem to be ineffective.

With the rampant drivers on the road and many of the teenagers in the country owning motor vehicles, it is imperative that solutions be offered to this behavior that is claiming a lot of lives. One way to curb this behavior is to initiate campaigns for educating the people and encourage prudence when using cellular phones while on the road. This should be done by the organizations in the wireless communication industry and all the safety groups in the country’s transport sector.  There is also need to come up with new ideas in the cellular phone technological industry that would prevent the use of a cell phone when driving. This technology should be able to reduce the chance of getting distracted when on the road.

Due to the increasing road-related injuries and deaths as a result of the use of cellular phones on the road, the government and the national safety council should partner with a cell phone company to come up with technology that would add security features to the smartphones and other benefits that would ensure the customer is safe when on the road. This would be an ideal opportunity to mix the information available and technology to come up with a solution to reduce or do away with accidental injuries and the cost incurred and insurance liability to the customers.

The technology would have a protection mode in the application that has a platform for the identification of the driver. This would ensure the identity of the driver is known and makes sure that the device is immobilized such that the driver cannot use these devices inappropriately. In an audit mode inbuilt by the manufacturer, the device can be utilized and managed when being driven to detect any risks and allow the family back at home to discuss them and come up with the correct solution. This service will be able to integrate with any platform in the market including most smartphones, and this would be perfect to evaluate the performance of the driver. It is practical and affordable in nature; thereby the road users will have easy access to it. The technology also can stop all activities related to the cellular phone including texting and receiving phone calls while a teenager is driving the vehicle but would allow emergency calls to go through the system. Since the parents would be operating the Drive ID application, they would allow some functionality that is in protection mode if they want to such as hard braking, any tampering of the device and tracking information, speeding and others.  

The goals of this technology would be to reduce fatalities and injuries and all other accidental aspects that people face by half in five years. The objective would be realistic if incorporated since every family in America would have drive ID technology that is proprietary and would monitor and control their teenager’s driving. The technology will be made available to all customers directly and through certain insurance carrier programs. The project also aims at perfecting its solution to the government since no other proposals to the problem have ever been introduced.  

The rules and regulations that are set out in different states for the control of the use of cell phones by drivers are not effective and have not had any significant results according to statistics. Some of the laws for distracted driving by cell phones prohibit all drivers on the road from using phones that are handheld while on the road like the U.S Virgin Islands. In 38 states in the country, there is a ban on cell phone usage for all novice drivers and an additional 21 states for bus drivers for schools. This laws set are not effective since most of them do not address hands-free mobile phone usage and it becomes difficult for traffic officers to regulate this behavior. The equipment is affordable for every family in America since Drive ID is offered on the mobile phone platform and thus every cell phone could adopt this technology if they wish to. This service could be adopted and implemented since it has no risks to the safety of the drivers. Also, the current situation in the government requires direct solution to the various problems presenting themselves. The technology gives that to the government, as it is prepared to face any opponents to the proposal with further explanations aimed at convincing them.

The U.S government needs to identify a cell phone company and come up with this technology to be able to curb the number of fatalities and injuries related to the use of mobile phones while on the road. The wireless communication companies and safety groups for transport should hold campaigns and advertise on the need of avoiding cell phone distraction while on the road and the repercussions it has on the country. People are required to assure safety on the roads not only for themselves but also all the motorists and road users. They should consider the need to avoid cell phone distraction and on should take the initiative to avoid harming oneself or other people.

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