Microsoft SQL Server can be defined as a database management system. It was developed by Microsoft, and as a database it is a software product whose most important function is to accumulate and salvage records as appealed by other software applications. Furthermore, the software applications can be on the same computer or in other computers connected through a local network.

SQL server 2005 offers an outstanding mix of performance, reliability, ease of administration and new architectural preferences, and yet enables the developer to control minute details when desired. While SQL server 2008 is a Microsoft enterprise client server relational database product with T-SQL (Transaction SQL) as its primary programming language.

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The difference between SQL server 2005 and SQL server 2008 is that SQL Server Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008 supports local export to Word Documents while SQL server 2005 supported PDF, but if someone wants to change anything on the report, PDF is not the way to go.

The most significant improvements in SQL server 2005 and SQL server 2008 is that, local programming language is presenting a high performance data access that now includes many new features like error handling through the try and catch pattern. It has also enhanced in incorporating of a NET accommodating language that helps in executing data.

SQL Server 2008 improved the integration with Microsoft Office 2007; therefore, making it possible for users to create database-enabled reports directly from either Microsoft Office Word 2007 or Excel 2007.

The benefits of these systems are that the reports can then be published and shared by using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The use of the local programming language is advantageous since it can change rows to columns and vice versa; therefore, it makes work easier. There is clear use of Data Encryption, back up that prevents data from destruction, external key management that store keys separately, monitoring of information access in auditing among others. All these benefits save time and ensure accuracy.

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