Nowadays, Coca-Cola is considered to be the most popular drink throughout the world. It has gained a wide popularity of the consumers of varies ages starting from children and ending with middle-aged. Its unique taste attracts consumers’ attention. Nevertheless, not everybody knows the name of the chemist who created such a remarkable flavor. One may state for sure that the founder of coca cola flavor has to be an American. However, the truth is totally reversible. The initial constitutor of the Coca-Cola flavor is John Stith Pemberton. Being a prominent Georgian chemist, he manages to get his fame by creating the unique taste of Coca-Cola. He made a significant contribution to the development of American economy as well as prosperity.

It is absolutely true fact that John was a talented chemist. After studying in Reform Medical College, John was presented a license to carry out on Thomsonian. This is a type of practicing that is related to herbal medicine as well as absolving the figure of venoms. Firstly, he was able to practice remedies in Rome as well as in Columbus. The last one was a place where he developed an extensive medication. It was called material medical and was used as a significant element in medical remedies. Time passes and John improve his skills and gained significant degree in medicine. One should state that his laboratories were unique and incomparable. They were located in the Southern part of the country and had gained popularity among the chemists throughout the world. The Columbus Company together with J.S. Pemberton laboratories was considered to be the major importers. Their products were used both in arts and sciences. The company was created in 1860 including the updated equipment. Consequently, the value of the made drugs was at a high rate. Once a correspondent from the Atlanta Constitution said, that this laboratory was the greatest Chemical Laboratories in the world. One should admit that John was considered to be a profound chemist that was able to create such a great laboratory.

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One more important fact about John’s life is his connection to the army. Being a member of the Third Georgia Cavalry Battalion, he was participated in the Civil War. Later on he was chosen as a principle companion in the chemical company. It was created by Pemberton, Taylor and Wilson. It was located in Atlanta. As a result in two years he was chosen to be an executor in the Atlanta Medical College. The position in the university helped him not only to gain a profound knowledge but also to set up his own deal in Philadelphia. It was a place where his authentic pharmaceutical were manufactured in a large numbers. Furthermore, he spent six years working to get the license for his commodities. In accordance with Atlanta newspaper, Pemberton was the most remarkable physician Atlanta ever seen. Nevertheless, he has become the most popu;ar chemist since he showed great skills and capabilities in medicine. Being on the top of its development, Coca-Cola’s drink did not gain the popularity among the consumer in comparison with Pemberton’s French Wine Cola. This drink was famous in Atlanta. Everyone knew about it and its renown was speared everywhere in the South. The initial secret of the popular drink was hidden in its formula. Pemberton states that it was made of the extract from leaf of Peruvanian Coca, the Kola nut, and the wine. Consequently, this is the best tonic that helps digestion system, gives energy, and strengthens the nervous and muscular system. Furthermore, Pemberton claimed that American Indians believed that the coca pant is a sacred plant and appreciated its healing effects on human body as well as nervous system. The coca plant gave them energy that they were able to make various types of feats without any sense of fatigue.  Later one he stated that his drink was grounded on Vin Marini. The recipe was developed in France. Noticing such a great interest in the drink, the government of Atlanta prohibited the marketing of wine. Consequently, Pemberton made a decision to create the alternative version of the drink. He changed sugar syrup to wine and named this drink “Coca-Cola” to determine the formula. From now on, he would treat this product as the perfect drink, together with its tag and marketing. Taking into account the increasing demand of the drink, Pemberton understood that he needed a financial background to sell the product. Consequently, he decided to make his descendant the chief representative Coca-Cola. By 1887 the prohibition was ended and he introduced his new drink. Pemberton emphasized that he could leave active practice of selling the medicines in Atlanta but he decided to dedicate all his free time to advance Coca-Cola. At the same time a group of businessmen were extremely interested in the promotion of Pemberton’s drink. Accordingly, he had to get a benefit from every can of Coca-Cola. One should state that Pemberton suggested to organize a business as a partnership and then changed it into a company. Participating in business for more then eight months, he decided to make an appeal for creating of the primary Coca-Cola Company

Nowadays, Coca-Cola is considered to be an integral part of the American society. Everyone knows this product as well as consumers it everyday. During the past years the company has been trying to promote its products throughout the world. Consequently, the great attention is paid not only to products but also to advertising campaign. The Coca-Cola slogans and jingles can be seen everywhere. Furthermore, the celebrities advertise this drinks which doubles its popularity. The advertising plays the significant role in the promotion of Coca-Cola trademark. Thus, the popularity of Coca-Cola is on its highest peak. In accordance with survey conducted by Landor & Associates, Coca-Cola is the most desirable trademark in the world. Furthermore, the mentioned company includes the most complex and pervasive production as well as distribution system. The system is devoted to people who work long and hard for the company. This brand has gained popularity from Montreal to Moscow, from Boston to Beijing. During 125 years, Coca-Cola has provided hundreds of people with pleasure and joy. One may state that the history of this company is a story of the pleasant moments. They are moments that stated with DR. Pemberton in Atlanta and increased around the world. The moments that today make this drink the most admired and desired respectively.It seems that this drink make a breakthrough in the development of American culture.

The public in general tend to believe that Pemberton family is an initial owner and founder of Coca- Cola. Nevertheless, the truth is that there is another person who established this product. It is Asa Griggs Candler. He managed to expand Coca-Cola popularity by introducing various coupons, distributing souvenirs, clocks, calendars. Consequently, he made this company the most remarkable and known. His is considered to be the founder of Coca-Cola Company. Nevertheless, Pemberton is the great chemist who was able to provide the unique taste of the drink. Indeed, many scientists try to change the formula by inhering new tastes and ingredients. However, it was only the waist of time. The Coca –Cola taste produced by Pemberton is incomparable.

Actually, there even exists a myth that the real formula of the drinks is known only by two persons, namely Pemberton and Asa. The truth is that the company keeps the secret of its formula in order to maintain the popularity. Nevertheless, the working staff is aware of the initial structure of the formula but it is a company’s prohibition to reveal it to broad audience. Another myth is connected with the introduction of New Coke. Many individuals believe that the company introduced it to make it so no one could guess when the company stopped using cane sugar and started using corn syrup. It is not true fact since their initial reason of trying to adjust to New Coke is satisfy consumers’ preferences and introduce a new type for everyone. After conducting many tests the company realized that many people had given preference to Light Cola, they decided to introduce a better taste that will appeal to everyone. Nevertheless, he did not work at all since people were accustomed to the classic drink. They did not want to change their demands.

To sum up, Coca-Cola is considered to be the most popular drink in the contemporary world. It is a part of the American culture. Nevertheless, not every one knows that the founder of the Coca-Cola formula was a Georgian chemist John Pemberton. He was a bright and profound chemist who graduated from the university and got the degree in pharmacy. He dedicated his life to pharmacy. Thus, he was able to introduce the unique formula of the admired drinks. In order to make such a great formula he spent days in this laboratory investigating every ingredient. He made an enormous breakthrough in the chemistry since he produced the unique taste. Nevertheless, the introduction of the formula was his only achievement. The reason is that the fame and profitability of the product came to another person Asa Griggs Cander. He introduced the drinks to the majority of people and made a business of it. That is why, Pemberton gave a basis for the development of Coca-Cola brand that his contribution is priceless.

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