Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County is basically a suburban county located in San Francisco in the state of California, U.S.  During the 2010 census, the population of this county was recorded as 1,049,025. The counties’ capital   is located at Martinez.  The 2010 census indicated that the county has 2,077.6 km2 or  802.15 square miles. Of this, 719.95 square miles constitutes land while 82.20 square miles consists of water.   West and south parts of the county are surrounded by Alameda County; San Pablo Bay on North, San Fransisco,  and Marin on Northwest  and finally San Joakim County  on the East.

The physical geography of this county is dominated by the alluvial plain on the bayside, Berkely Hills, Oakland Hills, mount Diablo, several inland valleys and another isolated peak at the end of the Diablo hills.  The peak of mount Diablo happens to be the basis of Mount Diablo baseline and Meridian where the survey of western Nevada and California are based. The Hayward Fault Zone passes through the western part of the county, from Richmond to Kensington. The Calaveras Fault, on the other hand, runs in the southern central part of the same county from San Ramon to Alamo. Apparently, the Concord Fault passes through Pacheco and Concord and also the Clayton-Marsh Fault passes through Clayton in its north end to Livermore.  The earthquake faults that appear slip strike, as well as the Diablo thrust fault, near Danville are considered capable of being destructive at any moment. There are  also  many other  smaller faults  in places with important infrastructure such as  water areas, oil  and gas pipelines,  highways, roads,  railroads and the BART Rail ways.

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The County harbors among the main corporate headquarters, such as The PMI Group Inc., Chevron, Nevada, Bio-Rad and AAA’s Northern California, and Utah headquarters. Other corporate entities in this region include: ConocoPhillips, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Tesoro, Safeway, Bank of America, PG&E and Dow Chemical. The County boasts of a diverse base with no single sector that is predominant in the job market. With regard to demographics, the costa Contra has a population of 1,049,025 in accordance to a 2010 census report. In terms of racial make up, 0.7% are Japanese, 97,161 (9.3%) are whites, 4,845 (0.5%) are Pacific Islanders, 4.6% Filipino, 3.8% Chinese, 0.2% Pakistani, 0.4% Laotian, 0.8% Korean, 2.1% Indian, 0.7% Vietnamese,  and  people from either Hispanic or Latin origin were 255,560.

With regard to housing, it appears that the housing in this region is quite expensively developed. As a result, most of the houses are quite expensive.  This means that for those people with low paying jobs they may find it difficult to find a house in this place. This apparently seems to be an endemic problem through out the region.  There are a number of large entities, which have their headquarters located in this place.  With regard to media, there are two major weekly newspapers, the Contra Costa times and Contra Costa post.  Contra Costa Post is owned by Contra Costa Post LLC while a Contra Costa time is owned by Bay Area News Group-East Bay. These news papers offer both local, national, international, traffic and weather news.  The Concord Transcript, on the other hand, provides news in Concord and Clayton region.

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Contra Costa is a stronghold of Democratic Party

In US House of representatives the county is divided into five congressional districts namely California’s 3rd congressional district, 5th, 9th, 11th and 15h congressional district which are all represented by democrats.  As of December there were 556,351 registered voters.  Out of these, 275,757 (49.6%) are noted to be democrats while 137,025 (24.6%) are republicans. Only 120,278 (21.6%) have not pointed out their stand on their political party.  In this region, Democratic Party has the have the benefit of a wider benefit all the entre political subdivisions except in Clayton and Danville which is led by Republicans. Richmond city records the largest number of registered democrats in the region.

With regard to health services, there are various public and private health facilities located in convenient and accessible places in such towns as Concord, San Pablo, Martinez, Antioch, Pittsburg and Richmond. The county’s promotion of those who enrolls in public and private hospitals with fair or poor health status seems to be consistent with other neighboring counties. In other words, residents have positive attitudes towards health care in this region.  The findings of an interview survey by California health in 2010 points out that 12.9% of residents in contra costa have either poor or fair health.

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