Studies reveal that physics is the liberal arts for the high technology. Knowledge of physics equips on with the necessary skills that prevents intimidations by the advancements in technology, (Muller, 2010, p.1). Most of the leaders have not studied physics and in regard to this they do not understand what science and technology entails. Physics revolves around very key areas such as internet, energy, terrorism, remote sensing, global warming and health. This involves the key economic and political issues that are of concern in any country. Generally physics is very attractive and it’s an important subject. In order for a president to be termed as the best world leader he/she should have a good command in physics. It equips them and also teaches the best aspects in technology that in turn results in effective leadership.

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A study of physics equips the leaders with a great knowledge about energy and power. With physics future leaders are able to know the various sources of energy. Energy and power are very important in the development of the country. Fuels, solar, nuclear, wind, water among others are the major sources of energy and power, (Muller, 2010, p. 26) Production of goods and services entirely depend on energy and power. Leaders therefore through physics are able to know the best ways of producing energy while less harming the environment. Some of the methods of producing energy and power such a nuclear and fuels cause pollution to the environment. Increased production of energy leads to increased levels of output which in turn leads to high levels of GDP. Shortage of energy on the other hand leads to inflation which increases the cost of living. Therefore leaders are able to know the better ways of harnessing energy to attain the desired levels of output.

The study of physics helps leaders to be aware of the issues of global warming and climate changes which are world wide issues of concern, (Muller, 2010, p. 363).Physicists argue that the temperature of the earth is increasing as a result of the accumulation of carbon dioxide that is thrown into the atmosphere. This mostly arises from burning of wastes, fossil fuels and industrial pollutions. The effect of global warming is that it leads to the raise of the sea level through melting of ice and sea water expansion. (Muller, 2010, p. 51).This causes floods in the coastal regions. This equips future leaders with a knowledge that geared at preventing excess production of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Future presidents are able to come up with policies that target reducing the levels of carbon dioxide production which may include purchase of pollution rights by firms, recycling of wastes instead of burning them and use of non-fuel consuming automobiles and industries. They therefore champion at reduce global warming in favor of protecting their coastal regions which act as major sources of revenue to the state.

Physics revolves around the use of internet which is associated with advanced technology. With internet remote areas can be accessed. Internet enables information flow to the remote areas either through the use of cell phones and computers. With the use of internet, information can easily and quickly be transferred from one place to another unlike the traditional methods of transferring information. Physics therefore helps future leaders to dwell on the use of internet in most of their activities. Policies that aim at improving the level of technology through wide coverage of internet are actually very vital in the political and economic progress of the country. Through internet people can trade through arbitraging, speculating or striking other online deals that help in stabilizing the economy of the country. Internet improves the political systems through the use of digital electoral voting systems which encourage accountability and transparency. Therefore with study of physics leaders are able to improve the level of technology through internet usage and can access the remote areas.


In general physics helps in molding future presidents to become good leaders who are aware on matters concerning global warming, power, energy, internet and technology, climate change and electricity. This helps them in delivering an effective leadership and in attaining the national targets more efficiently without harming the society.

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