The Doors Alive

Friday 27th November 2015 proved a day worth giving attention. In studying music, analyzing it origins forms the greatest part of knowledge. Attending the world music concert at California on the mentioned date proved an event worth of watching. The concert analysis thus focuses on the event that occurred on Friday last week, presenting genres of music that date back to 1960’s. The Doors Alive is legendary type of music that reminds people of the past years dating back to 1960. It compositions, the lyrics, and movement show a real reflection of music. The concert involved rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, timbre, and form among other components. Incorporating most of musical accepted styles is all made the day for the presentation. More so, the voice projections and thee artists’ body movement all remained captivating. Their dressing styles also added a little on the genre of music that they presented.

Furthermore, authenticity proved one factor that the artist considered in presenting their work. One factor that captivated the audience was the message and the general music composition.  When one attends a concert, he or she expects the type of music that artists present to reflect the period of its composition. The Doors Alive proved such presentation that moved the audience back to 1960. It was during this year that the music genre prevailed. Nothing was different since the artists made the audience to feel part of the period. Every one attending the concerning felt like not falling in the current type of music.

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Melody and Rhythm

Melody has to do with the sequence of notes in music presentation. The sequence of the notes must be satisfying in order to make the music kind of appealing to the audience. The artists presented their work by using the most appropriate note for such class of music. Variation in note was evidence in their work at strategic points. One could easily identify changes in note by feeling a change in the mood. In essence, the concert the performance proved captivating to the audience through the use of appropriate notes. The tune of the song was all one could demand. The cheering kind of tune kept the place attractive with audience reaping maximally during the attendance. Rhythm on the other hand denotes the regular repetition of pattern of movement of sound in specific. Normally, repetition leads to redundancy and it may make the whole presentation boring in one way or the other. However, repetition with this regard only led to the motivation of the audience. The presenters remained selective of their items at every bit, and this took the attendance throughout the event. The rhythm appeared appealing to most people in the concert room. One could easily tell their interest from the manner in which people responded to the changes in the melody and rhythm of the music. More so, the use of instruments in presenting the music melody made the day. The artists used a variety of instruments including drum sets and quitters among others.  They mixed the entire tune in a diligent manner with the aim of delivering their best to the audience.


The singers’ voices come next in the row of analyzing the Friday 27th concert. The vocal aspects of most presenters were very clear. One did not have to strain to get the information from the presenters. The projection was the right one since the audience, including those who were far away danced to the tune. It was all passing the relevant message to the insiders that kept them going. The sound from the instruments and the artist’s sound came out in a balanced way thus promoting clarity of the intended message.

Instrumental and Digital Effects

As mentioned before, the music presentation during the concert encompassed the use of instruments. However, the artists used the gadgets selectively since they wanted their song to reflect the characteristics of 1960. The use of special drums, quitters, and other instrumentation gave the music its required texture. The artists used appropriate mixing of the instruments tones and also moderating them with respect to the artist’s voice. Despite the genre representing the old times, some little effects of digitalis appeared. The instruments used were never purely the old one. They had an integration of the digital instrumentation techniques. The sound aspect also used the digital gadget to ensure proper amplification of the sound the artists produced. 

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Proper use of instruments in any presentation contributes to a larger percentage of its success. Balancing the tune of the machines with that of the artist is what determines the clarity of music. When the pitches from the instruments go above that of the artists, then the audience may be deprived of the opportunity to get the information from the presenters. The whole event with remain dictated by the sound from the gadgets with the artist giving little to the crowd in terms of voice projection. A well balanced pitch from the instruments and that from the artist gives the most desirable sound to listen to.

Instruments also determine the tune of the music contingent upon the kind of speed the presenter uses. During the presentation, instrumentalists conformed to the artist’s speed that resulted to a refined output. When either the speed at which the artist presents his lyrics prove low and that of the instruments go high then, there results a mismatch. It was noticeable from the presentation that there existed a proper coordination between the two elements.  One could get both the artist’s voice and the sound of machines rhyming in a better form.

Artists Performance of the Song

It is the role of an artist to participate in the composition of the song that he or she intends to present to the audience. The Friday event was an impressive form of presentation since the artists did all they could to motive their listeners. The presentation did not only show the presenters’ ability to attract audience but, indicated their prowess in composing a song. More so, the matching of the movements and the rhythm of the song remained fair for the viewers. The way they dance was an indication of high-level creativity. Every pattern they used appeared more natural that artificially acquired training. They used relevant matching styles and performed their best during the occasion. The dances were a true reflection of the alleged period during which such class of music prevailed. It remains factual stating that the artists were both competent and skillful. Performing a song that traces its time back in 1960 and manage to move the audience proves no simple task. However, the presenter contained their audience throughout the period while given them the best of their hits.  

In conclusion, it is worth appreciating the existence of music as an art in the society. Apart from attending the concert for the purpose of accomplishing the assignment, it was all entertaining. The presenters used all the means to ensure that the audiences remained captivated throughout the presentation. More so, isolating the aspects of music that qualify it as a well presentation was an easy task. The music composition, the use of instrumentation, and the artists’ skills made it a successful occasion. Attending concerts, therefore, provides a person with a deeper understanding of the music aspects.

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