How to Write an American Government Essay

Every responsible US citizen should know and understand the basic principles of the American government. Even if you are an international student, your professor may assign a research paper to explore the government of one of the most powerful countries in the world. You will learn to compare and contrast the relationships among various leadership structures, such as state, federal, and local ones. A thought-provoking American government essay is aimed to scrutinize the main historical events, which helped to form this high managerial structure as we know it today. It reveals the essential influences of the Founding Fathers on the establishment of the government of the United States. It also shows its main improvements in the context of contemporary times. Thus, if you study politics and history, it is important to practice writing such essays. Have you composed a research paper about the US government before? If not, do not worry. This article was created to help every student like you produce meaningful academic projects. It will boost your knowledge and general comprehension in the fields of international relations and comparative politics.

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Hallmarks of the American government: what you need to know briefly

Before you start writing an essay on American government, you have to learn about the fundamental purposes of this political structure, particularly in the United States.

  1. You do not need to study the United States Constitution thoroughly to realize that it has been the primary source related to the American Government since 1787. In this “supreme law of the land” you can read about the establishment, resolutions, focal aims, and structural constituents of the country’s “high administration”. The government should abide by the regulations of the Constitution, never compromising its historically set principles.
  2. The Constitution of the United States predetermines a form of government. American government embodies a constitutional federal republic. You should also remember about a union of 50 sovereign States, which is deemed indivisible. This form of government is regarded as democratic, as it gives freedom to people to hold power and elect others. Besides reflecting democracy, it is considered representative, which means that the election of the authorities is guided by free will and anonymous voting. The fact that the US government derives its power from its citizens makes it a republic.
  3. The Preamble of the Constitution states that the major purpose of this governmental form is to “establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” The achievement of this aim is embodied by the three principles the Founding Fathers came up with:
  • All people have inherent rights: if you live in the United States, you can take advantage of your ultimate rights;
  • The principle of self-government: people are allowed to govern, thus make decisions based on free will;
  • The principle of powers’ separation: the permission to create discrepant governmental branches who hold different powers.
  1. When composing your government essay, you also have to know that all American citizens are subject to local, state, and federal levels of government. For instance, if you want to find out more about the responsibilities of the federal government and its interrelations with each individual state, then you should read through the Constitution. Yet, American “supreme law” has not been the same since its foundation. The US Constitution has gone through 27 amendments. It includes the historically recognized Bill of Rights, which has a great influence on the rights of all American citizens.

    The division of the federal government into three discrepant branches was made on purpose. This way, the US Constitution ensures that no individuals or groups will assume control of others. The subsequent branches are:

  • Legislative branch

It can be deemed as a lawmaking branch, as its main purpose is to pass proposals into laws, and deal with presidential appointments, confirming or rejecting them. Moreover, the legislative branch is empowered to declare war. It consists of the Senate and House of Representatives or Congress, as well as certain authorized departments in charge of supporting Congress.

  • Executive branch

This is a policymaking branch, which holds the power to enforce laws. The executive branch comprises the president, vice president, the Cabinet, 15 executive departments, independent agencies, and various committees and boards. All these individuals and departments are accredited to make essential decisions for the United States.

  • Judicial branch

This can be called a law-interpreting branch. It elucidates laws, helps to apply those state regulations to individual cases, as well as determines violations of the Constitution. The Supreme Court and other federal courts belong to the judicial branch.


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To write a meaningful American government essay, you have to know about the particularity of legislative bills passed by Congress and the president’s role in relation to them. The president, serving as a national executive, is empowered to veto those bills before turning them into law.

Yet, Congress is also authorized to approve or discard actions or arrangements of the president. In certain circumstances, Congress is allowed to banish the president from his office.

Although the Supreme Court has the power to refute unconstitutional laws, the president is responsible for appointing its main justices. The Senate is in charge of their ensuing confirmation.

  1. According to the US Constitution, each of the branches is empowered to investigate the effectiveness of the other two. It serves as a guarantee that no branch will gain supremacy over others. Therefore, the governmental structure remains equally unified. It allows to represent all people’s will and positively influences policies related to all citizens and their rights. Whenever the authorities abuse their power, they should be ousted from office.

Helpful Suggestions to Write Your American Government Essay

It is easy to find insightful US government essay topics despite your academic level. Yet, it is highly unlikely that the only attention-grabbing topic will turn into a decently written paper. Thus, we encourage you to read through the following practical tips. They will help you focus on the crucial aspects of your American government essay:

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Scrutinize relevant resources

To explore the US government, it is not enough to surf the web. You may need to go to your local library to carefully read several relevant history books. Besides, it is quintessential to read through the Constitution of the United States.

Keep your target audience in mind

As the essence of your essay is politics, then your readers must be aware of certain political aspects. You should at least consider the probability that your audience knows something about the US government. Create a balance between the topic’s elucidation and compelling arguments. Strong opinions usually instigate compelling questions.

Dedicate some time to proofreading

Such a topic is sophisticated enough. So, you risk making some contextual and grammar mistakes in the process of your profound research. If you want to obtain the highest possible grade, then do not neglect the proofreading part. If there are some nuances, which seem difficult to correct, it is advisable to address professional editors. is one of the writing agencies with excellent proofreading and editing services. If you register your order with, then your political research paper will be flawless!

Review an American Government Essay Example, but Order a Paper from Scratch

American Government: Executive Branch

The power of the executive branch is vested in the president, who acts as commander in chief of the armed forces. The president has the responsibility of implementing and reinforcing the laws written by the Congress, and appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the cabinet. The vice president is also a part of the Executive Branch, as he should be ready to assume the presidency, should the need arise. The president has the power to enact legislations into law. For example, delegates to the Constitutional convention by President George Washington signed the United States Constitution that governs America’s fundamental laws and guarantees the basic rights of citizens in 1787. The bill of rights with the ten amendments guarantees the basic individual protection, such as the freedom of speech, and religion; to date, there are 27 amendments in the Constitution.

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The executive arm of the government has the responsibility of strengthening the anti-discriminative laws. For instance, the first piece signed into law by president Obama, was the Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. The Act empowers women to recover wages lost due to discrimination through the extension of the time, in which an employee files the claims. The president went ahead to advocate for passage of the Paycheck Fairness claim. The mentioned legislation would give the women additional tools to fight racism.

President Obama convened a national Equal Pay Task Force to ensure that the existent equal pay laws are enforced fully. The law has been helpful for a great number of women to recover millions in lost earnings payments, build collaborative training programs to educate employees about their rights, as well as informing the employees of their responsibilities. Therefore, it has facilitated an unprecedented degree of inter agency coordination to improve enforcement of equal pay laws. In addition, president Obama signed the Mathew Sheppard and James Byrd Crimes Prevention Act into law. The Act extends the reporting of federal hate crimes law to include attacks because of the victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

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In 2011, the president and the attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., announced that the department of justice would no longer defend section three of marriage Act against the equal protection of the same sex marriages. The president has also supported the Respect for Marriage Act, the legislation that repealed Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and upheld the principles that the government would not deny the gay couple the same legal rights as the pairs of opposite sex. The president believes that it is important to treat other people the same way, which an individual would want to be treated.

In addition, following the president’s memorandum, the Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) requires all the hospitals receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds to honor the rights of all the patients, in choosing who may visit the patients during their hospital stay. Furthermore, the president also signed the memorandum, expanding federal benefits for the same sex partners, foreign services, and executive branch of the government. In 2010, president Obama signed into law the Claims Resolution Act. The legislation provides funding for statutory authorities for settlement agreements in lawsuits brought by the Native Americans. In 2010, the president also signed the Fair Sentencing Act. The president is leading the acts of reformation of the justice system, in the effort to fight for fairer and more equitable criminal justice system. The legislation reduces the disparities in the levels of powder cocaine and crack cocaine, required to trigger certain penalties in the federal system. The president also supports the funding of the drug courts, which gives first time offenders the chance to serve their sentences if appropriate, in drug rehabilitation centers.

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The executive branch of the government has played an important role in promoting civil rights in the US. Due to the rapid expansion of the civil liberties and rights in America, it has contributed to the birth of a new nation. It results from the amendments and new legislations, which aim at bettering the lives of all the Americans.

It is possible to find numerous government essay examples online, and some of them are well-composed. However, if you have not written a US Government essay before or you doubt whether you are keen on that topic, it is reasonable to hire an academic expert. Writers at create outstanding authentic papers so that no plagiarism detector will find coincidences. Save your strength, precious time, and get an excellent grade!

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