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If you are studying at the Law school, then submitting thoroughly researched and coherently argued papers is an integral part of your academic curriculum. Unfortunately, not all students are good at legal essay writing. Some of them don’t have the necessary expertise whereas others are lacking the time to handle their writing tasks. Depending on the Law school, the requirements for writing a law essay may be different. Yet, there is a number of efficient strategies that may help students submit well-structured and properly formatted papers. Following these strategies will definitely help you get the anticipated outcome. Keep reading our article and you will figure out a lot of practical tips collected by experienced law essay writers that will boost your writing talent.

Main Components of a Good Law Essay

A successful law essay should demonstrate in-depth legal analysis. In such a paper, you are supposed to provide strong arguments and support them with appropriate legal evidence. This essay should include a thesis statement that sums up the central claim of your text in one or two sentences. The main purpose of such a piece is to demonstrate your awareness of the subject, as well as your ability to think analytically and disprove competing views. Typically, this paper is built on a legal controversy. In some cases, it may deal with the application of appropriate facts necessary for the problem resolution. No matter what kind of essay you are writing, you need to take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Show your attention to detail and focus on the research question;
  • Demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the legal framework;
  • Write your essay in clear language;
  • Follow the logical structure and flow;
  • Formulate a strong thesis statement;
  • Showcase your knowledge of wider contextual issues such as history, policy, as well as the area of law;
  • Make sure to convince your tutor that you have a high level of creativity by developing an original flair in your response. Yet, your work should be based on well-researched legal arguments;
  • Provide accurate referencing and include appropriate in-text citations;
  • Demonstrate concise writing;
  • Spend enough time reviewing and proofreading your paper.

By following these suggestions, you will be able to create a brilliant paper. You can also look for a good law essay example online to understand the structure of this document better. Along with the handy tips for writing an essay, you also need to know what things to avoid.

Writing a Law Essay: Things to Avoid

  • Don’t use informal or casual language. Writing your paper in simple and clear language, you don’t need to make it sound too informal. Remember that your style should remain academic. This means that you should not include colloquialisms, abbreviations, or slang in your document;
  • There is no need to overburden your paper with unnecessary information. All the data and facts you include in your essay should be relevant to your subject;
  • Avoid including too long sentences and paragraphs. Also, it is not appropriate to include bullet points in your essay. They will make your analysis look weak and shallow;
  • Make sure there are no mistakes in your citations. To support your arguments, you need to put in-text citations in accordance with the formatting style requested;
  • Be sure to list all sources. If you use any source when writing your paper, you need to include its bibliographical information in your reference list. Otherwise, you may be accused of plagiarism, which will negatively affect your academic reputation.

If you manage to avoid all of the mistakes indicated above, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a good grade for your work.

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Law Essay Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Below, you will find several important steps that will help you create a good-looking law essay:

  • Start in advance. This rule may seem obvious, yet it is very important. The more time you have for writing your essay, the better result you can achieve. Leaving your task until the last minute will not only cause stress and anxiety, but it can also become a reason for your failure;
  • Understand the question. When you have a task, you need to read it carefully to make sure you understand it. Do not start working on your paper if you cannot get your task. In case some points seem unclear to you, make sure to discuss them with your tutor;
  • Carry out an in-depth investigation of your topic. When it comes to law essay writing, you cannot create your paper out of your personal understanding of the subject. Instead, you should refer to credible academic sources, which present the most accurate and up-to-date information. We strongly recommend you double-check every source before including it in your paper. For example, you should avoid sources with outdated information or fake facts;
  • Create an outline. The writing process will be smooth and well-organized if you have a good plan. Thus, when the research is done, you can sketch a simple plan that will include all ideas you want to discuss in your paper. It will help you move in the right direction and avoid including unnecessary information;
  • Develop a thesis. Before you start working on your paper, you should clearly understand the subject of your discussion. Make sure to formulate a clear thesis statement that will help your target audience understand the central argument of your text. You should avoid making it too obvious. A good thesis is always debatable and thought-provoking;
  • Write a clear and engaging introduction. You should understand that the primary purpose of your introduction is to engage your reader and convince them that your topic is interesting. In your opening paragraph, you need to include a question you are working with, as well as some background information explaining your topic choice;
  • Include appropriate counterarguments. Your ability to suggest good counterarguments will show your understanding of the topic. In the main body of your paper, you need to rebut these arguments and explain what makes your arguments stronger than those of your opponents. If you manage to convince your target audience that your position is more efficient and feasible, you will achieve your goal;
  • Write a strong conclusion. In the final part of your academic text, you should briefly mention all arguments you have suggested in your work. The main purpose of your conclusion is to reaffirm your arguments and wrap up your discussion;
  • Edit your paper and submit it on time. Editing is the final stage of the writing process. If you want to submit a flawless paper, you need to review it and make sure it is free from any mistakes and inconsistencies compromising its quality.

Criminal Law Essay Example

Need to submit a perfect essay on criminal law but you are not sure how to do it right? Our free law essay examples written by seasoned experts can help students boost their own writing inspiration. Take advantage of using our free samples and create amazing papers.

The crime of minors today is one of the key problems of modern society. Every year, the quantitative indicators of juvenile delinquency increase, and this problem already acquires an organized character. The involvement of minors in the sphere of criminal legal relations raises the issue of preventing the crime of persons under the age of 18 in a number of tasks that should be in priority for society and the state. If I were a juvenile judge, my position would be adaptive in every particular case, and no exceptions would be given to violent crimes, drugs, and the age of offenders.

The crime of minors, while being an integral part of a crime in general, has its own specifics at the same time. As a rule, these crimes are committed in groups and under the influence of a certain impetus. Flowers believes that minor offenses of teenagers lead to domestic violence, school tragedies, early dependence on drugs and alcohol, and organized crime in the future. However, there is a close relationship between juvenile delinquency and the crimes, committed by adults. Thus, adolescents who have committed a serious crime will not change, and the first reason for this is their stay in correctional facilities, where they are surrounded by similar offenders. Therefore, my position as a judge in relation to serious crimes of adolescents would be unshakable.

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As for the less serious offenses, I believe that it necessary to be more loyal in this case. For example, Richards states that many juveniles eventually abandon their criminal inclinations, and upon reaching adult age, they become law-abiding citizens. This statement is true since teenage crimes are committed under entirely different factors than in adulthood. The specifics of juvenile delinquency include the commission of crimes in groups, inadequate responses to the actions of people who are perceived by teenagers as offenders, and impulsive crimes. The latter occur in a state of alcohol intoxication, under the effect of illness or fatigue, and fleeting crimes. All these factors make it impossible to talk about minor teenage offenses as serious deviations that have deeply rooted motives. Therefore, in the case of minor offenses, I, as a judge, would be as lenient as possible, giving the child a chance to think about their actions and make every effort to prevent this from happening again. Thus, my position would be adaptive to each specific case.

Speaking about specific crimes and my position as a judge, my attitude would be tough for those teenagers, who have committed violent crimes, and for those who have problems with drugs. Criminal violence of minors is socially dangerous by causing direct harm to the physical or mental health of the victim, the ability to change their behavior, or compel them to act contrary to their personal beliefs and attitudes. However, the danger of such a violence lies in the ability, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, to make it difficult for people, who have been subjected to the violent aggression of adolescents, to realize their social relations and opportunities in the future. Therefore, the violent crime of minors can be defined as a form of negative social pathology that has a high degree of public danger, manifested in extreme behavioral acts of physical or mental violence, which is prohibited by criminal law, against another person. Violent crime in general and committed by minors in particular plays a huge negative role in the life of society. In connection with the impact on the public consciousness of the results of crime, the possibilities for improving all social relations are narrowed. Thus, not only these violent crimes themselves but also their consequences inevitably cause social tension in many spheres of social relations. All this leads again to violence, to the commission of more and more violent crimes. Since this trend is bound to repeat, my position would be especially strict in relation to the minors who have committed violent crimes.

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My position as a judge would also be adamant in relation to the young people who have committed crimes under the influence of narcotic substances or with the purpose to obtain them. Addiction to drugs dictates the behavior of the addict. All other interests, will, and control over one’s actions are suppressed, while all actions are aimed at finding a drug and overcoming any obstacles by any means necessary. Moreover, at this point, addict might commit serious crimes such as looting and murder. According to Flowers, “official data reveal that the most serious juvenile offending often involved drug and/or alcohol use by the offender”. Chronic poisoning disfigures the personality of young people as their character changes and they see enemies in others, even in close people. Their complete indifference to life is replaced by the periods of malice, excitement, and aggression. In a state of drug hunger, the so-called abstention, they are capable of any crime, thus posing a huge danger for society and themselves. Therefore, my position in this case would also be as strict as possible, but with a reservation to the fact that these offenders also require treatment.

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As for the juveniles’ age, I believe that upon reaching adolescence, each person should already be able to assess the consequences of their actions. Thus, if one has committed a crime at the age of 14, it is highly probable that more crimes will be committed later in life. The research made by Richards proves that the adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 commit crimes most often. This age is the time when all human values are already established, and most likely, they will not change. Therefore, for me, the nature of the crime will be a priority when considering it, while age will be the least important factor.

As for other factors in the decision-making process, I would pay attention to the offender’s family. As a rule, the family is the first example when it comes to antisocial actions, but there are also reverse cases. Particular attention should be given to the relationship of parents with their child. If all parties involved are ready to make efforts to remedy the situation, I would be more lenient to such offenders and their families.

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Crime among minors always causes increased attention, which is quite justified since the younger generation is a natural reserve of social development. Thus, the violations of the criminal law by young people show the existing shortcomings of education, conditions for including young people in the life of society. This determines the importance of legal and, at the same time, flexible judgments in relation to minors. Therefore, each judgment must be as individual as possible, and the position of the judge themselves must be also adapted in every particular case.

Final Thoughts

A lot of students are pursuing their degrees in Law as this field is very prestigious and rewarding. Unfortunately, not all of them can face their academic challenges and submit winning papers. By following the tips and suggestions collected in our article, you will be able to create high-quality essays and impress your tutors. Yet, if you think that legal writing is not one of your strengths, you are free to get professional assistance at our law essay writing service. In our team, we have a lot of skilled, experienced, and competent writers, who are capable of handling various law-related assignments. When you delegate your task to our team, you always receive a customized piece created in accordance with the latest writing standards.

Getting our law essay writing help is a truly great idea as it will help you forget about pressure, sleep deprivation, and poor grades. Our customer-centered writing company is always at your disposal!

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