I hereby wish to express my interest to transfer from Suffolk University to Newbury College. Currently, I study business management as my major and would like to change my academic environment with the aim of gaining an improved standing in my studies. I consider Newbury College as the best institution for my studies since studying at this college will give me an opportunity to succeed in my career. In addition, studying at Newbury College will enable me to utilize the competence I will gain from college and improve the lives of people in my society. At Newbury College, I will have an opportunity to have my initiative facilitated since I will engage in group work. The business management program at the Newbury College enables students to become innovative in the future.

I also wish to study at the Newbury College, because the business management major offered at the college helps students to become competent in leadership positions in the future. Pursuing my major at the college will prepare me for management in the future. As such, I will have the adequate skills and knowledge which are necessary for managers who wish to work in a competitive business environment. Another reason why I have the motivation to study at the college is because the business management program at the college offers a variety of courses. This means that students have an opportunity to choose from several programs offered by the institution. For instance, as a business management student, I will have an opportunity to focus on courses such as management, finance, accounting as well as marketing. Moreover, the business management program offers other courses, which enable a student to become competent in areas such as fashion and design, sports management and healthcare.

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My motivation to study at Newbury College also emanates from the fact that I want to be equipped with the strategies which can help me address various problems in my community. The major of business management at Newbury College equips students with the necessary knowledge, which enables them to engage in social responsibility after completion of the course. In this regard, I consider Newbury College the best institution that will enable me to complete my major with a lot of competence. As a graduate of Newbury College, I will become prepared so that I can face the challenges, which may be present in a globalized environment. Newbury College is a reputable institution that offers students an opportunity to uphold professional and ethical standards after finishing the course. At Newbury College, I will change my academic environment, and this will facilitate me to improve my academic performance.

The other factor that precipitates me to study at Newbury College is that, when I finish my studies at the Newbury College, I wish to go back to my homeland of Taiwan and engage in meaningful work, which will enable me to pursue my career and improve the lives of people in my community. In the future, I wish to become a manager, and studying at Newbury College will help me to become a competent professional. Newbury College offers diverse experiences to students, which enhances creativity needed in the contemporary business environment. Newbury College will prepare me to work in the field which interests me the most. I will have the chance to choose from the various courses offered in the business management program at the college. I am confident that my leadership skills will improve when I graduate from Newbury College. Since Taiwan is quickly developing, I will become a successful manager, because the business management course at Newbury College will help me address issues facing Taiwan.

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