My personal leadership philosophy entails setting goals and doing what is necessary to accomplish the goals. This is well stimulated by my leadership characteristics which include being team-oriented, strategic-oriented, and results-oriented. I strive to be among the most innovative leaders in the nursing industry that work within resource constraints, take advantage of opportunities, and make progress towards achieving strategic goals of nursing. I fully support open approach which is transparent in nature while bringing team members together in a clear vision which is articulated in a comprehensive plan. I also support the need of best practice in nursing profession and its power in achieving excellent patient outcomes. I believe in evidence-based and knowledge-driven practice with nursing shared governance.

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My approach to leadership is based on the service to others; hence, it is grounded on the fact that as a nurse, I require a continuous commitment to learning and the application of the knowledge in my work. I endeavor to combine all expectations and support for growth and development while celebrating accomplishments. My interior driving motive is the provision of the highest quality care possible to our clients and improving the nursing programs and initiatives. I believe in the creation of supportive, healthy, and collaborative relationships in our institutions based on integrity and self-respect. Human empowerment and interactions with patients through education and information are paramount in achieving goals within a specified period (Sullivan, 2012).

My management style is to lead and manage; this is achieved by empowering people with the freedom and authority to organize and make decisions. In management, I support caring relationships that apply to our staff, patients, customers, and suppliers. Through kindness and integrity, I should embody good interaction with our patients. To achieve all this, I endeavor to exercise my personal leadership philosophy while providing feedback without fear of appraisal.    Finally, I believe in the importance of diversity and understand the nature of human interdependence.

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