Mastering in this course helps the students to gain experience and skills so as to become successful human resource managers. It further enables students to come up with a good understanding in business, decision processes and functional operations that are directly related to human resource management. The courses in HRM basically focus on the issues, processes and concepts that are related to the models concerning staffing, personal law recruitment, training and development. It also concentrates on the policies related to administration, employment, retention and employee compensations.

Master’s in Business Administration Human Resource Management gives a thorough training that revolve around the major aspects in the business profession. It is in reality believed that an individual may decide to focus in a particular area. One will be required to take several core courses in management, marketing, management information system, accounting, finance and economics. It is good to note that professionals in HR must get an MBA in order to have a clear understanding on the business and financial aspects of the firm. In general an MBA helps in preparing business practitioners that will in turn helps in creating career ladder succession. Competency mapping, employee attitude survey and training needs analysis are the major topics that are discussed in this paper which help me in succeeding in the master’s degree.

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Competency approach is mainly a groundwork that is aimed at building tangible development in human resources. Competency mapping is  basically aimed at developing a system  that can measure employee technical competencies, designing employee training that are line with the  organizational goals and managing talents based on the competency mapping. It helps in providing a systematic approach especially in planning training, helps in employee selection and promotes continuous employee development and performance. Competency mapping also offers a time frame for training the workforce and the organization in general. Competency mapping entails use of field tests that maps the individuals and team competencies which as a result help in producing hypothetical impacts on the firms which are measurable through automated simulations. The competency mapping of a company acts as a basis for aligning process outputs and workflows that suite the customer requirements. This topic generally is aimed at preserving database of skill inventories, designing a type of management that clearly differentiates average and superior workforce and segmentation of talents through the use of talent matrix.

Needs assessment is geared at improving the contemporary performances in a firm and it helps the trainer to be able to specify the training needs that are prevalent in an organization. The assessments can be carried out formally were interview and survey techniques can be used or in an informal way where questions are asked to the involved parties in order to obtain the deficient needs in the firm. It is good to note that needs analysis can be undertaken at different levels in the organization. It can be undertaken from the individuals, specific departments or from the whole organization. It helps in determining the capabilities that are required in a job, the gap that lies in between the new requirements and the existing capabilities and also in determining the potential of the existing employees. Studying this topic therefore equips the participants with techniques, tools and strategies that are needed in a successful implementation of a training program. This is one will be able to identify the organizational training needs, analyze and measure training program effects and will further be able to assess the training cycle.

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Employee Attitude surveys

Employee attitude surveys aim at providing the needs of the organization through soliciting the employees on their opinions towards certain key issues that help the company to succeed. The surveys extend to cover areas such as leadership, teamwork, customer service, innovation, analytical thinking, business communication and compensations. Employee attitude surveys are used to enhance employee relations, training evaluation, focusing on programs that develop the employees, customer satisfaction and organizational surveys. Through employee attitude surveys one is able to assess attitudes of the employees that in most cases are not reported. A fully conducted survey involves the following steps; need analysis, focus groups, survey design, developing a questionnaire, questionnaire review, instrument pre test and analyzing data. Generally employee attitude surveys are broadly used in most organizations to address issues concerned to the labor management relations. They help in coming up with good research designs and in structuring practical questions that can help in obtaining quantitative data from the employees. Self reports can be used to obtain data on the employee attitude surveys where the respondents are generally asked about their knowledge, opinions, attitudes, behavior and perceptions towards the organization. Basically employee attitude surveys should focus on the experience of the respondents.

Competency mapping refers to a course of action that entails recognition of the competencies that are necessary for any given task to be successfully executed at any period in time. The job is thus broken down into constituent parts that enable one to determine the necessary skills which match each job group. Different skills and knowledge are needed in different jobs. Therefore, this topic helps me to be able to determine the technical, behavioral and managerial skills that are needed by each job. It also helps in determination of the attitudes and conceptual knowledge that the workers must possess in order to successfully perform their duties. This can clearly be elaborated in Sanghi’s book, The handbook of competency mapping understanding, designing and implementing competency models in organizations where he explains how competency mapping is embedded in organizations. 

This topic therefore helps me to map the required competencies so as to create an accurate job profile. It generally agreed that an accurate job profile enables the recruitment process to be more effective and easier. A good command in this topic will actually help me to ensure that the candidates who apply for the jobs in the organization are aware of what the job position requires. It also helps one as an interviewer to know what exactly he/she needs from the candidates through determination of various skills and knowledge required in each classification of the job. Competency mapping helps one to guide the employees in understanding the growth that occurs within the company because he/she is able to explain the company’s hierarchy and the necessary requirements that are needed in each job position. The employees therefore are able to bring into line their efforts so as to suit the requirements of the company.

This topic therefore will help in my master’s degree, especially in finding the appropriate combination for the competency mapping that might be required in my thesis, particularly in obtaining the sample of study. In order to combine the competency mapping for the required sample or candidates, this topic will guide in determining the appropriate methods to use. Shermon in his book, Competency based HRM argues that these methods can extend to include the use of interviews, task forces, questionnaire, job descriptions and performance appraisal format. The methods ensure that the required skills and knowledge are mapped together so as to generate the best sample to use in an intended study or in obtaining the necessary candidates for a specific job.

This topic in general equips one with the necessary requirements needed in contemporary companies. With a good mastery in this topic one is able to assist a company in its job evaluation, recruitment, career planning and in succession planning. This therefore helps in instilling unique competencies that help one in the job market. This topic also ensures that one can help the company to appraise the potential of its employees and their promotion and in encouraging self-development initiatives.

Employee attitude survey is a very important topic in the course because it is generally aimed at ensuring that there is the development of good customer service and loyalty. During this topic one is able to know how the employee’s attitude is measured. This is because many organizations are aiming at new talents and preserving the right talents which have been the key interest. Measuring the attitudes of the employees helps in providing clear indications of the organization’s success in nurturing a favorable environment. This further helps in developing great attitudes within the workforce towards their jobs. With knowledge of this topic it ensures that a lot of care is taken during quantitative measurements as attitude is fundamentally a psychological state. Employee attitude survey helps in generating questions that are less irritating and provide more information from the respondent. This helps in designing good attitude surveys that might be needed in my researches during my master’s degree and also in carrying out the employee attitude surveys for a company. The topic therefore helps one to develop questions in the survey that yield quantitative data.

Studies reveal that employee attitude surveys provide a clear understanding on the way the workforce perceives the organization. This helps in providing good measuring tools for the opinions of the employees in the workplace. This topic therefore helps one to measure opinions about working conditions, training and staffing levels. Through the survey one is able to determine whether the working conditions of the workplace are harsh and also find out the level of training provided to the employees through their opinions. Waltersin his book, Employee attitude and opinion surveys show that the survey helps in measuring the overall satisfaction, corporate culture, compensation and the employee relations. Employee compensations help in motivating the workers and thereby increasing their productivity. The surveys therefore provide clear information regarding compensations that are allotted to the workers and whether they harmonize with their efforts. Opinions of the workers help to show whether they are satisfied with the strategies that the organizations uphold in achieving their goals and objectives. This topic further extends to show how employee attitude surveys are conducted and how to analyze the survey software. Generally this topic is very vital as it helps one to carry out effective employee attitude surveys in researches that might be required for fulfillment of the master’s degree and also in helping firms on study their employees.

Training needs analysis involves knowing the requirements of an individual, department and the whole organization. Effectual training needs analysis is very important in the contemporary changes which occur in the workplace due to the widespread flexibility of the working practices and an invention of new technologies that result to the changes in the abilities and skills needed by the organization. For the training need analysis to be effective, there should be a systematic analysis, coordination and planning throughout the whole organization which as a result ensures that priorities of the organization are taken into consideration. Donovan and Townsendin their book, The training needs analysis pocketbook extend to claim that training need basically refers to the deficiency of skills in the organization and through their arguments this topic ideally can help in providing information on how the shortage of these abilities can be eradicated through development and training of the employees. One therefore is able to realize that fulfillment of the employees job responsibilities is due to the training needs which in turn avert the organization from realizing its set objectives.

The topic helps in providing knowledge on how training needs can be identified within the workforce and departments so as to ensure that there is the effective organizational performance. In researches that may require identification of the training needs, this topic will help to equip one with the necessary procedures that are required. It ensures that training needs identification is carried out across the whole organization. Changes in the workplace involve changes in the skills required in all levels within the organization. The topic helps one to anticipate future needs, especially if the organization wishes to improve its customer service and develop strong loyalties. Therefore, with good knowledge of this topic one is able to determine the needs which employees should possess to ensure that the firm succeeds through acquiring large market shares surpassing their rival competitors. The topic helps one as a manager to avoid making spontaneous assumptions on the problems concerning the management and organizing trainings to the workforce without setting up the need.


Organizations and workers should improve their business administration and human resource management practices so as to surpass their rival competitors through tangible increase of their skills, knowledge and behaviors. In the long run, this should be geared at increasing the customers’ loyalty and providing good services to them. For the firm’s objectives to be realized the employee’s environment should be well scrutinized which extends from their working conditions to compensations that the firm allots to them. This helps in motivating the workers which in turn increases the firm’s productivity.

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