When people hear the word philosophy, they usually tend to think of some bearded thinkers talking about essential problems. In some ways, this association is based on true stereotypes because philosophy is a study that focuses on fundamental problems concerning reality, people’s existence and a way of thinking (Teichman, & Evans, 1999). Personal philosophy means beliefs and values a person holds and implements daily in one’s life (Mertz, 2010). It determines people’s actions when it comes to his or her profession as well as daily behavior.

Application of concepts of my personal philosophy to everyday life

My personal philosophy puts help to other people as the main priority. I believe that helping and supporting others is the most important thing that keeps the world running, and that was one of the reasons for choosing this profession. The personal philosophy also focuses on people as unique creatures because each person needs a specific approach and attention. Nursing in this case allows treating people in a special way helping them feel needed. I believe that the more person helps others, the more he or she helps oneself. There is no such thing as solitude because people who are needed by others and are busy with their interesting work can never feel lonely. On the contrary, they always feel that there is so much more they can do, and they never have free time to feel sorry for themselves or be upset. Nursing in this case serves a great role. It allows me to be busy all the time helping people, and that is why I never have time to think of bad things.

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It is also important to add that my personal philosophy is about constant improvement. One believes that a person always has to move forward since no movement leads to regress. Nursing in this case allows applying personal philosophy to the profession because it encourages me to work and study very hard in order to become the best professional possible.

My personal philosophy made me view patients as people whom I should not treat in a mere professional sphere, but who also require psychological and mental support. They need to see that medics genuinely care for them. Thanks to the personal philosophy, I was able to establish and maintain great communication with many patients which was beneficial for their treatment.

The personal philosophy also affects my attitude toward health and the environment. I view a person as an irreplaceable part of environment that surrounds him or her. That is the reason any person has to respect and care for the nature and everything in the world. Recycling, for example, is not a mere practice, but a part of philosophy that shows the person’s deep concern for nature and the world’s future.

When it comes to administration and its connection to personal philosophy, one believes that it is essential to develop one’s leadership qualities. One’s personal philosophy shows that a true leader is a person who is able to sympathize and work with others as well as encourage them. It is something one follows in administration, education and nursing practice. Personal philosophy also makes one focus on understanding the deep meanings of different things, and that is very helpful while doing a research.


I can say that my personal philosophy focuses on a person who has to share and help others in order to be happy. This person cares about the environment as an essential part of the world and views constant improvement as an irreplaceable part of any human being. I can say that this personal philosophy helps me greatly in my life allowing me to focus on my studies, improving leadership qualities as well as developing important human qualities.

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