Personal affiliation refers to groups and clubs that a person is affiliated with outside the institution that one is dealing with. The institution can be educational or professional. On the other hand, networking entails establishing of many contacts with different people. Both personal affiliation and networking are essential for nursing leaders because they help professional and personal development, getting work done efficiently, and getting stakeholder help in various aspects.

This essay explores the benefits of personal affiliation and networking to future nurse leaders.

Personal affiliation and networking are essential to a nurse leader as they promote professional and personal development. Professional and personal development results from the fact that the people one is affiliated with, or networked, can avail useful information or contacts, which enhance development. Elsdon (2003) opines that networking is a significant tool for development. A person cannot develop his/her skills on his own and requires friends and other networks to facilitate his growth.

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The second need for personal affiliation and networking to a nurse leader is the fact that I facilitates working efficiently. According to Elsdon (2003), personal affiliation and networking are essential to a nurse leader as they will help one in maintaining his/ her group’s capacities and the functions required by the group. Lastly, personal affiliation and networking are essential as they aid a nurse leader in finding stakeholder help. Nurse leaders require stakeholder help as they can be advised regarding future priorities and challenges (DuBrin, 2012).

In conclusion, personal affiliation and networking are essential tools for a future nurse leader. Their significance draws from three aspects that include getting stakeholder help, efficient completion of tasks, and personal or professional development as discussed above.


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