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Every written composition should be based on a previously generated outline that forms the core structure of your paper, making it logical and well organized. Owing to this article, you will learn to craft a persuasive essay outline, which has features analogous to other types of academic works, so you can further apply it to different written pieces. The primary thing to memorize is the stable structure of a persuasive essay.

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph I
  • Body Paragraph II
  • Body Paragraph III
  • Conclusion

Sometimes, the subject matter you are exploring has several levels of complexity, so the three usual paragraphs may not be enough. Yet, the one thing that remains unchanged is the goal of your paper, which is persuasion. Several tips will help you to move forward in your writing:

  1. Avoid choosing narrow or extraordinary topics that may be vague and weird for the majority of your readers. When the topic is more common and relevant, it is easier to evoke triggers of understanding and keep your audience involved.
  2. Your topic should be not only inviting but also meaningful, so that it would be impossible not to have a strong opinion about it.
  3. If every idea of the topic choice seems to be primitive or ambiguous, you can look through persuasive essay topics made up by experienced researchers.

Constituents of Persuasive Essay Outlining

Our experts united all the integral elements of a persuasive essay outline into a succinct guide you can practically use right away!

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There is a special starting paragraph to introduce your topic. An introduction is deemed effective if it instantly sparks your readers’ curiosity and enlightens them on the matter. While your main elements of persuasion should be unraveled in the body paragraphs, the introductory hints should also play their convincing role – making the audience absorbed in your ideas, which encourages a craving to find out more.

  • Think of The Mesmerizing Hook

Creating a compelling hook is an assiduous brainstorming process, as only a few effective hooking sentences keep your audience attentively engaged. A hook can be an impressive fact, backed by evidence and knowledge. While a proof can be supported by reputable references, your knowledge is demonstrated in the way you express your persuasive thinking. Let us call it professional eloquence. It is evident that you are a good academic writer when you use content-appropriate terms, generate reasonable statements, and link all your sentences logically. Ambiguousness and lengthy statements with multiple punctuation will ruin the magic of your readers’ concentration. Other examples of hooks can encompass thought-provoking quotes, witty anecdotes, newly found unique statistics or rhetorical questions. To estimate all the potentially eye-catching opening lines, you are welcome to read our blog article with outstanding hook templates.

  • Identify the Target Audience that Would Be Persuaded

You cannot persuade readers who have little interest or experience in the subject matter you are researching. Any good outline will lose its contextual sense if you wrongly determine your audience. How will you convince the readers to accept your points of view if you do not know what kind of target audience they belong to? The simplest example of the difference between the audiences is addressing children and addressing adults. There are also certain ideological groups, which will consider your arguments offensive or sensitive. For instance, when writing about racial discrimination or gender self-identification, try to avoid criticism of tolerance or specific movements. Controversial topics should be addressed carefully – only when you know that your audience will not be insulted.

  • Dedicate Some Time to Polishing a Thesis Statement

This statement is unusual, as it presents the quintessence of your opinion. Before you select the most gripping summary of your central idea, come up with several draft thesis statements to make sure that your essay will have the best one. This task is tricky as this important sentence reveals the core of your opinions that you will further elucidate in body paragraphs.


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A decent persuasive thesis statement can be as follows:

“Counterculture of the 1960s, by “nobly” rejecting the values of capitalism, has contradicted itself, as it contributed to alternative consumerism inspired by the rock idols of the British invasion.”

More stimulating examples and catchy tips on thesis statement writing can be found on blog.

What Body Paragraphs Discuss

Body paragraphs are aimed to delve into the issue more deeply, elucidating all the details resourcefully and constructively. If you want your audience to follow your threads of persuasion, dedicate each new paragraph to the only one strongest idea along with meaningful claims that support it. As your intention is to persuade, your content must be based on evidence or expert opinions.

There are simple but effective tips to support your ideas:

  • Present relevant facts

If facts are credible and reputable, your readers will be persuaded easily.

  • Provide Statistics

The presented statistics mean that you carried out the investigation thoughtfully by dint of surveys or in-depth research.

  • Apply Authentic Quotes

Some dubious sources may erroneously indicate authors of quotes. Hence, always check the reliability of your databases. Your essay will look ingenious if all the authors’ names are recognizable or at least easily found. Using strong citations only proves that your level of knowledge on the topic is high.

  • Find Real-life Examples

Readers are fond of factual examples, as they may share common experience and relate to some situations personally. It is advisable to begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence, which summarizes the core idea of the section. Even if you want to include versatile reflections, it is better to avoid implementing multiple ideas in one paragraph. Meaning and quality should prevail over quantity.

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Outline your body paragraphs in such a way:

  1. Paragraph I Topic sentence I + supporting claims.
  2. Paragraph II Topic sentence II + supporting claims.
  3. Paragraph III (or N)Topic sentence N + supporting claims The number of body paragraphs may vary according to your instructions and particular features of your subject.

Making Up an Influential Conclusion

Your body paragraphs elucidate your fundamental persuasive points, while your conclusion unifies all your arguments, supporting the same points in a slightly different manner. Besides, when concluding, you provide a glimpse into the future relevance of the topic. Paraphrase your thesis statement, mention the most winning points and supporting claims. Do not attempt to go the extra mile by providing additional evidence that has not been mentioned before.

Adhere to the content of your essay. Only brief personal comments on the same matter can be left in the conclusion to keep your audience think over the presented issue. Now you know how to create a persuasive essay outline, but if you need extra help, remember that such assignments are brilliantly crafted only at!

Persuasive Essay Outline Sample

Persuasive Argument

Dead Man Walking is a story by Sister Helen Prejean that deals with the controversial issue of death penalty. In her work, the author personally evaluates the inmates who are involved in these cases. The story highlights the situations in which inmates are sent to death row for reasons such as vengeance, wealth (or lack of it), and inefficiencies of the justice system rather than for the atrocious crimes that they have committed. Such reasons play a great role in influencing the determination of such cases. Prejean examines these reasons with regard to the case of Patrick Sonnier, who murdered two teenagers, by relating the abovementioned aspects to the final ruling of his case. This essay seeks to give insight on the key issues surrounding death row inmates such as poverty, inefficiencies of the justice system, human nature, and the reasons why their deaths are not justified, with specific reference to the case of Patrick Sonnier.

The communication between Prejean and Sonnier, who was a death row inmate, began in 1982. At that time, Prejean has gone through a spiritual change and has renewed her vow to a life of social justice. Prejean exchanged several letters with Sonnier and at some point, she became Sonnier’s spiritual advisor. The inmate talks to Prejean about his disadvantaged childhood and shares reminiscences of his brother and father. Prejean gains an interest in Sonnier’s brother, Eddie, and begins to visit him after several months. The author highlights the inequalities of the justice system and stresses that the inmates on death row are mostly poor or under-privileged. Sonnier and his brother did not have a supportive upbringing. According to Prejean, if Sonnier had enough money, he could have afforded a good lawyer. Thus, he would not be in a position where he had to plead for his life. Millard Farmer, Patrick’s new lawyer, elaborated on the ineffectiveness of the state appointed lawyer to the point where he could be regarded as incompetent. Farmer even argued to the Pardon Board that that kind of punishment was just meant to punish poor people.

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In addition, the author is against the inefficiencies of the justice system since innocent people may die due to its flaws. The author claims that it is possible that Eddie may actually be the one who shot the two teenagers. During the trial, Sonnier and Eddie traded accusations on who actually killed the teenagers. Sonnier’s death sentence was mainly based on his confession and on his brother’s testimony, which painted him as the initiator and the most dominant participant of the act. During the second trial, Sonnier’s brother recanted his earlier testimony and claimed that he was the one who did the actual killings, and that he was the most dominant participant. Despite the controversies surrounding the responsibilities of the two brothers in the criminal act, the death penalty was still upheld and Patrick was sentenced to death for the crime.

Further, the author states that death row inmates are not different from other humans. People often wonder whether violence is natural to death row inmates, or whether they are just desperate people who need help. According to Prejean, people often imagine such inmates as wild, bloodthirsty people who have killed and who can kill again. Initially, Prejean was scared of Sonnier. However, after they became correspondents, she began to see him as a fellow human being. She felt like she could help him by becoming his spiritual advisor. However, she never forgot the crimes that Sonnier committed. Thus, she was not against him paying for his crimes. Prejean was against death sentence as a way of paying for murder since the people who die in the process are humans that the society chooses to reject completely. Sonnier had never known real love. Ironically, he experienced it in prison by talking to Prejean on a daily basis. It was a shame that he had to come to prison to find love.

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Prejean is against the death sentence and does not see how it may lead to justice. She does not understand the effectiveness of the process since no one was going to murder all those people who wanted Sonnier dead. They all were ready to commit murder since they focused on making the criminal pay for his wrongdoing. Even though she feels compassion and understands the rage of the parents, she still believes that executions are murder. She even thinks they are worse that murder since they are executed in the name of a civilized society.

In Dead Man Walking, Helen Prejean’s focuses on the story of two brothers and the conviction of one of them, Patrick Sonnier, for the murders that he allegedly committed. Despite the controversies in the accounts of what actually happened, Sonnier is still sentenced to death. The society has completely rejected him, and death is considered to be the only way in which he can pay for the crime. The justice system has its flaws, and an innocent man may actually die for the crimes he did not commit. In addition, the system seems to favor the rich since they can hire competent defense lawyers that know their way around the system. Death row inmates are also humans, and they have feelings, but all this is overlooked since the society chooses to condemn them and to focus on ensuring that they pay for their crimes.

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