World of Energy: Theories and Essence

Everything around the world is energy. Quantum physics says that everything in the universe is based upon the same fundamental principle. Scientists call it “energy”, theologians name it “God”, and mystics say it is “Spirit.” Strictly speaking, quantum physicists are the “mystics” of the 21st century, as James Ray, a writer and a connoisseur of many cultural traditions say. Today, modern science makes “revolutionary discoveries,” which confirm what they have said a long time ago. Here are some facts about energy:

All matter is energy, as the physical result of the immaterial process of creation. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is present everywhere. The energy is in constant motion, it is continuously transformed, passing from one form to another; energy makes the consciousness vibrate. The human also is energy in a state of density, manifested in form, part of the universal consciousness.

Everything Energy Physics Theories

According to modern physics, all processes in the universe are of a wave nature and occur with the absorption or release of energy, with its acquisition or loss. In the language of metaphysics, man is a field of spiritual energy enclosed in an infinitely greater energy field of the universe. The universe seems to hold us in its arms, continuously supplying us with its power. Your strength is determined by the amount of energy that you can take from this infinite field, accumulate, conserve, use, control, and renew.

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Energy Vibration

All that exists around people is energy, in different states. The frequency of its vibration determines its state and form, in which it manifests in the material world. A solid object actually consists of oscillating elementary particles that create the impression of density. Reality is a small range of frequencies that the human brain decodes. This makes people think that they live in a limited world. When, for some reason, they decode the perceived frequencies differently, or expand the range of perception that is habitual for them, they call it a miracle. By the way, many animals can see a larger frequency range than people do.

The Nobel Prize winner Max Planck said at the award ceremony: “As a person who has devoted my whole life to the most sensible science – the study of matter, I can tell you the result of all my studies of the atom: there is no matter as such! Any substance exists only because of the force that causes the vibrations of atomic particles and maintains the integrity of the microscopic solar system of the atom … We must assume that behind this power lies the conscious mind, which is the matrix of all matter”.

Nicola Tesla believed that with the free movement of an elementary photon, as an energy wave, it could be found with a certain probability at any point in the infinite space of the universe. However, if you turn on the high-frequency oscillator, which will resonate with the frequency of a given photon, it immediately localizes in the form of an etheric resonance.

Study of Energy and DNA

DNA is a gigantic molecule containing program code written in one language, from bacteria to humans, and is responsible for storing and transmitting hereditary information. Scientists were conducting experiments obtained unique results that allowed developing the theory of the wave genome.

From the point of view of wave genetics, DNA works not only at the level of matter but also at the level of electromagnetic and sound fields. Studies have led to the conclusion that genes can exist as electromagnetic fields around chromosomes and have a holographic structure. It is proved that human DNA, which controls the development of the organism, is a receiving-transmitting system – an antenna that perceives control information from the outside. This program information is necessary for the development of any organism on Earth.

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This external information is the essence of the program, without which the normal development of all life on Earth is impossible. This is the plan, drawing, and text comments needed to build an organism. It is also proved that the DNA structure is well correlated with the speech characteristics of the human language and is essentially a text that scientists are now trying to read. This language of life, such hereditary information is determined by the sequence of four different types of nucleotides.

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