Personal Statement about Music essay

There are so many things that can easily captivate human’s soul: poetry, fascinating conversation, nature, unforgettable dream, or even a child’s laughing. However, what is it that can artistically combine all these things and has a tremendous power of driving us mad, making us forget about the whole universe and blissfully drown in our own nirvana? For me this is nothing but music, this is what I call the biggest passion of my life.

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I strongly believe that such passions like mine should have a right place of realization. My motherland is China but I came to the USA only because I pursue my dream, to produce the music that will captivate attention even of the most indifferent listener. From the early childhood music was my true companion: I have been playing piano and drums; I have joined a concert band when I was a teenager; finally, my friends and I formed our own rock band. Currently I am taking an audio engineering class in ShorelineCommunity College where I have also joined a concert band and I sincerely hope to advance my knowledge during educational programs in Musicians Institute.

Once again, I believe that every passion requires a right education. I am blessed to find an Institute that suits all my desires and ambitions. MI would be a perfect institution where I’ll give my creativity a chance to be implemented in numerous musical masterpieces. Such a prestigious college with a unique philosophy and approach indisputably requires bright and charismatic personalities, and I dare to say that rarely one can encounter a person that is more inspired by music than I am.

Personal Statement about Music essay

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