After so many announces, it is truly difficult to keep it a secret that the forthcoming TV season is going to be amusing. Just imagine that your favorite heroes are back! Murphy Brown, Thomas Magnum and Sabrina Spellman are again ready to reveal you the further turns of your beloved storylines. Penn Badgley, Jennifer Garner, Brad Garrett and Maya Rudolf are soon to appear at you television screens. Have passionately awaited for the continuation of the most-liked stories?

One doesn’t know where to look first as so many new shows with world-famous actors and actresses are aiming at catching your attention. What is more, there are dozens of serials which are returning, for example, “This Is Us”. It may be puzzling to break this information down and have it all clear in your head. That is why, we have prepared our list of items that are of good account and you won’t regret spending time on watching them

‘You’ (Lifetime)


The date of release is the 9th of September. It’s going to be broadcast on weekends, to be more precise, this is a Saturday night when you’ll have a possibility to enjoy watching it. Its script might remind you of a stories told in “UnReal” and “Mary Kills People”. The version we are presenting this time is an expanded and a comprehensive one. The main characters are a bookstore clerk, Penn Badgley, and a woman, Elizabeth Lail, who makes him trust her and digs into his soul. They meet eye to eye and online. The mystery lights up the sparkle of interest in you and makes you struggle to find the answer to the enigma.

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‘Maniac’ (Netflix)


Sept. 21
Beloved superstars in the world of film industry, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, are again together on set. After eleven years, this duo has nice intercommunication and does their best to work out the things invented by the creative producer of the series. ”Maniac” is directed by Cary Fukunaga. The film introduces to us a weird world where technologies of 1980s are used, but the rest of the things are quite modern. In the center of the attention, there are two young people called Owen and Annie. They are aiming at finding a solution to an experiment with pharmaceutical drug conducted by Justin Theroux, an enthusiastic scientist. He has a mission and is very persistent to bring it to reality. Theroux believes that soon he’ll find the way to treat people with mental problems. It is not that difficult to guess that everything goes beyond the plan.

‘Manifest’ (NBC)


It comes on TV on the 24th of September.
The first thing you’ll be wondered with is a plane that strangely disappears. You’ll see it again, once it shows up undamaged five years later. The passengers have almost not noticed this monotonous trip to some peculiar destination, however, their relatives have already grown old and they sorrowed for the nearest and dearest lost in the heaven. Some superpowers are in charge of enigmatic things that happen to this people on board. We can consider it a try to take the shine out of a race in genre with “Lost.” Though the two plots may seem similar, both are worthy and charismatic.


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‘A Million Little Things’ (ABC)

A Million Little Things

Wait for it on the TV screens from Sept. 26, on Wednesdays.
This is a nice mix of emotions for those who enjoy intrigues and secrets. Do not be biased, it doesn’t mean it is something bad or uninteresting. It continues the plotline of the series popular on ABC in late 1980s. There is a group of friends who face different life problems and look for the ways to deal with them. The names of the main heroes are David Giuntoli, James Roday and Romany Malco.

‘Murphy Brown’ (CBS)

Murphy Brown

The release date is 27th of September. Make yourself comfortable on sofa in front of your TV screens at 9:30 on Thursdays.
Murphy Brown cannot stand getting fake information anymore. CBS brings famous series back to television. This time, many things have already changed. Nowadays the team of Murphy Brown is made up of such people as Frank Fontana, Sherwood and Miles Silverberg. The morning show team put much effort to create a perfect and engrossing atmosphere.

‘Charmed’ (CW)


The series comes out on 14th of October.
This is the comeback of the legendary series of the end of the twentieth century and beginning of millennium. Just remind yourself those two sisters with supernatural powers. They are still obsessed with the idea of fighting with demons. Sisters use the book of magic, “Book of Shadows”, to which they refer when in need of a wise idea or a plan to act. The new advanced version is called “Jane the Virgin” and is created by Jennie Snyder Urman.

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‘Camping’ (HBO)


The first time it will be broadcast on television is 14th October.
Jennifer Garner plays the main role in this pleasant and lovely movie. It is unimaginable that in this comedy the actress is so different from the character she performed in “Alias”. The events take place at a retreat due to Walt’s birthday. His beloved wife, Kathryn, hustles about the organization and wants everything to be just perfect. The creators of this comedy are Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.

You should dig deeper and get to know about other options available, for instance, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, “Escape of Dannemora” and others. This autumn season has prepared a great number of interesting stories to follow. Check the trailers and choose something to your taste.

Do not lose your chance to spend cold and nasty fall evenings enjoying favorite sitcoms.

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