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Improving Body Language

Have you ever thought thoroughly what your body language looks like? Or how often do you actually use it in your everyday life? Undoubtedly, the way you use body language depends on the person you communicate with. You just can’t talk to your boss the same way as to someone you’re interested in, or can you? If you are looking for a s...

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3 Ways to Persuade the Job Interviewer

What you should do on a job interview is an age-old question. There has been written a lot about it and the main tips seem to come down to dressing up, smiling politely and talking enthusiastically. Like if you manage to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment to demonstrate your eagerness, the job is already in your pocket. But is it really so...

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Benefit from the Power of Mental Practice

Good news for everyone who wants to get better in any skill they are desperately trying to improve. The effective methods do exist! Read on and reveal yourself the true power of mental power and be sure there is nothing impossible for you! By the way, have you ever heard that mental practice does help you to make much progress in the ski...

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Tips on How to Beat Procrastination

If you have multiple things to do and sometimes find yourself struggling to complete assignments and move on to the next project, you are not alone. According to the recent studies, there is more than 20% of the adult population who put off certain projects by allowing themselves to procrastinate. People, who do this, choose doing anything else ...

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Tips on Academic Essay Writing

Every student is able to write good academic papers, once they follow the basics of academic essay writing. Any kind of academic paper has to provide a solid thesis, supported by strong evidence from one’s own research or from other sources. Research always follows a specific set of requirements. If you keep in mind basic principles and so...

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The Best Books to Read in College to Be Successful

Career and personal development are of great importance for the young generation. A good book can often help to achieve great heights in life. Here are a few books for millennials that will teach you how to be successful and avoid a situation that can become a career killer. They also give useful pieces of advice in the workplace. Best ...

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