The Process of Revision

Revision is the process of corrections and changes in a student’s work or a scientific article. This is an integral part of the learning process, which could also be a test of the learner's knowledge. This process involves not only adjusting grammatical and punctuation errors but also changing the style of writing and the meaning of the te...

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How Your Pet Makes Your Professional Life Better

You may say what a crazy thing to believe that your pet can improve your professional life. I should admit it might sound a bit strange, but let me show you how it all works personally for me. Our fluffy friends are surely the ones, who do demand our undivided attention to them without any exceptions. That’s the way they are created,...

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How to Be Productive During the Week

How often do you consider yourself to be a total loser when it comes to your productivity, time management, and motivation? It seems everything is more likely to crash then happen, the way you’ve planned it, let’s just say I know the feeling. I’m deeply concerned that every single human being is in need of motivation that leads...

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Where to Earn Money Being a Student

How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit Students spend most of their time studying, so they do not have the opportunity to work and earn money. However, many young people try to be financially independent. Here are some tricks that will help you increase your credit limit and find interesting ways to earn some money. Indicate t...

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Guideline on How to Write a Perfect Hiring Letter

If you are looking for a new job, you should read this short article. We offer to get familiar with the primary peculiarities of such a widespread and popular application as the hiring letter. Despite of its popularity, there are still a lot of misunderstandings and questions concerning hiring letters. Therefore, this paper provides you ...

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Top 9 Albums to Accompany Your Writing Process

Do you have a habit of listening to music when you write? If yes or definitely yes, has it ever occurred to you that the music you tend to listen to while writing can distract you from the given work? How often do you struggle to find an impeccable album for the current mood or atmosphere of your writing? It is also possible that you have never ...

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