Top 9 Albums to Accompany Your Writing Process

Do you have a habit of listening to music when you write? If yes or definitely yes, has it ever occurred to you that the music you tend to listen to while writing can distract you from the given work? How often do you struggle to find an impeccable album for the current mood or atmosphere of your writing? It is also possible that you have never ...

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16 Things I Wish I Was Taught in School

Being 28 years old now, I think little of the past and don’t feel sorry for many things happened there. However, at times I wish I was taught earlier the things that I’ve learnt just recently.  We did have some kind of a self-improvement class in school. And I suppose some of the 16 life skills that should be taught in s...

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Strategies for Student Success While Arranging an Annotated Bibliography

The aim of this article is to provide students with necessary information on how to cope with the task of writing a social science research paper paying attention to some special details which should be taken into account. Clarifying the genuine meaning of the writing section Completing a piece of writing requires clear underst...

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Advantages of Community Colleges

Many graduates dream of becoming students of the best universities. However, it is not so easy to enter them and not everyone is destined to become a famous scientist. However, there is a great alternative in this situation, such as community colleges. Their feature is that in just two years you will receive an education and master the professio...

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Improving Body Language

Have you ever thought thoroughly what your body language looks like? Or how often do you actually use it in your everyday life? Undoubtedly, the way you use body language depends on the person you communicate with. You just can’t talk to your boss the same way as to someone you’re interested in, or can you? If you are looking for a s...

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3 Ways to Persuade the Job Interviewer

What you should do on a job interview is an age-old question. There has been written a lot about it and the main tips seem to come down to dressing up, smiling politely and talking enthusiastically. Like if you manage to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment to demonstrate your eagerness, the job is already in your pocket. But is it really so...

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